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This weeks article seems to be a self-reflection piece in part inspired about the breakdown of her marriage with her husband. The last article about her husband was about how he isn't wiping his arse properly, but women they sure do suffer:
>Nadia Bokody: The steep price women pay for men
>The ongoing abuse Candice Warner faces over an incident 13 years ago is just another example of the cruel way our culture works.
>A couple of years ago, I faced my own public reckoning for a story I wrote on a blog that was picked up by a major online publication and quickly went viral. The story was about my sexual awakening emerging from my marriage breakdown, and how casual sex had helped me rediscover myself.
>The truth was, I was punishing myself. I shouldn’t have written the story, shouldn’t have had so much sex, shouldn’t have acted that way coming out of a marriage. It was my fault this was happening, I told myself, in the days and weeks that followed, until the hateful messages eventually dried up.
>Women take on shame that doesn’t belong to us because we’ve been taught it’s ours to bear. Because it benefits men; even men who aren’t necessarily seeking to benefit from it.