Anonymous 08/29/2017 (Tue) 11:47:46 No. 220 del
This is the first episode that's actually as bad as jumped up chucklefucks have been saying this season has been all along. Third season is usually the point where cunts who hate everything get the novelty worn off of them and start actually judging the series honestly by their standard, which is that everything is terrible by default and now it's finally the time they stop pedestalizing a new show in a desperate attempt to fool themselves to enjoy at least something in life. That's what made the first season of Rick and Morty popular, assholes who were from the start just fitting on their nostalgia glasses so that later they could be making stupid hipster remarks about the first season being the best until it all went to shit, as it is with almost anything.

But this episode, even from a reasoned starting point where some kind of an universal standard is even attempted to be applied, is undeniably spreading a single gag thin at least until minute 8 of the runtime. It's a good background joke, like the one-liner about aliens being "robots", but takes up a whole 1/3 of the entire episode.