Anonymous 09/26/2017 (Tue) 08:37:55 No. 246 del
>it's the feminism up on its old tricks again
Cyome uon guise, don't be such harsh henries.

It's just another show that started with cashing in cumulative creativity from the past 15 years, got a lot of fanboy pull for novelty just for being a new show, and is now restructuring its creative process because it actually has to finally start making some genuinely new material in a sustainable way. Not understanding this is what creates the old fogeys who think everything was great at their time and shit nowadays, because those shows are the ones they give special points for creativity because they hadn't yet seen everything and didn't know what it was ripping off.

The modern backdrop to this is feminism, though, certainly. It's just a dumb criticism, because non-feminism would do fuck all to prevent it:
>stop feminism and hollywood will become meritocratic and always good