Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 02:50:46 Id: 7bf42c No.53217 del
hmm. Not something i ever have. Is it a good game? or is it "fun with friends" kind of a deal.

Not. its something i use to wind down with on weekends.

I bought from a place called Vireo health. I bought red and yellow strength vape oils, red and yellow strength edible oils, and lozenges. last time i had gelcaps but found 1 to be too weak and 2 to be too strong so i wanted to use the oil so i can measure more accurately.
The stuff is about 2x the price of the "recreational quality" but the quality of this stuff makes it so i never want to use recreational quality again. It's not that it's stronger, its just a much better feeling and taste. If i had to sum it up without sperging too much about it, I'd describe it as "clean"