Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 03:11:39 Id: 7bf42c No.53234 del
Nothing extraordinary. work, family, woes from pandemic related BS.

I think they have many locations, but the ones by me are strictly medical. no "flower"
I find it fascinating. they basically seperate everything into various chemicals, then grab which ones they want in which ratios to produce the feelings/smells/tastes/strength. They sell different THC:CBD ratios. higher CBD is perceived as "weaker" because it uses the same receptors as THC thus blocking THC from binding, however the higher CBD is also associated with lower potential anxiety.
"Red" is 19:1 THC:CBD ratio, "yellow" is 6:1. "green" is 1:1 and the others are all CBD dominant which are very mild.
Red happens to be based on a sativa dominant plant while yellow happens to be indica dominant. not sure about the others. I have never taken the yellow edibles before so i am trying them this time. i took about .35ml of the yellow oil, which is around 9mg of THC. which is around what i usually take. I am hoping the yellow edibles are a little more mellow than the red. red had my mind racing.