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Kinda. It is a customer service position for government workers. I mostly deal with computers.

as in just burning the plant matter? burning the plant matter actually doesnt get you high. the heat produced from the burning vaporizes the oils/cannibanoids/terpenes of the plant matter next to the actual fire.
Traditional extractions (like hash) tried to extract as much THC as possible. and everything else was a byproduct. but this wasnt perfect because much plant matter still made it through.

These they learned what each terpene/cannibanoid does, some increase anxiety, cause weird feelings, some reduce it, some make you hungry, some make you sleepy. and they assemble it back with the things they want and remove the things they dont want.
they give you just a vile of the terpenes/thc/cannabanoids and you have a battery that heats it to a minimum temp that vaporizes just the oils.

what you end up with is a clean low temp cloud of just the stuff you want rather than inhaling a cloud of hot smoke hoping you get what you want from it. it being prescription medicine they make some specifically for appetite stimulation, some made for daytime that dont get you "high" and all sorts of varying effects.

The reason different strains are popular vs others is because of the ratio of terpenes/cbd/thc they have. they have different feelings but mostly made through selective breeding over years. these places do that, but then make it even more niche at the chemical level.
everything in the vile is from the plant. no extra chemicals actually make it through in the prescription stuff.