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>equality before law, private rights, personal freedom, individualism, etc.
>But did these things actually existed
I'm not sure about the US, but I have some observations, complemented by the experience of others, and supported by history.
I have some run ins with the law and even getting a warrant to appear as a witness in a police investigation isn't a comforting feeling, now imagine what's it like expecting the police to arrest you at home, it's not something that wide slice of society have to experience since 1990. But it was the daily reality for them in the 50's Hungary, with the authoritarian government searching for "class enemies" and "saboteurs", making arrests, holding show trials, executing, torturing on a whim, forcible resettling people, confiscating their property and possessions. All these aren't happening now.
Yeah, maybe one needs to be connected to emerge in life, but it's just for the mediocre, those who have some talent and some ambition with that, and makes the effort can rise in rank or prestige (ofc relations will be made during the process). Back then for every position they needed the approval of the party. For higher offices, and positions they had to take political courses and they had to excel in them to be considered "presentable", even if they lacked on their chosen field in talent. While a considerable part of the clientele changes every time a new government gets elected, it's only in the public sector.
I heard about occasions (from lawyers, practitioners), when results of trials were prearranged even these days. When there is a will, pressure will prevail. But it is rare, and trials and lawsuits are kinda-sorta can be called fair. Back in the communism, there was a line which certainly decided the fate of many more cases.
In all the areas you mentioned we lived through changes. I can't say we are the most free, but definitely freer than before. In the US this goes even further. We have things to lose, they have too, and a lot.
So to that question, my answer is yes those things do actually exist.

>Capitalism needs communism to form the dialectic.
Yes, that sounds very Marxist. The unity of opposites via their struggle.
But capitalism and communism aren't a dichotomy, the first is an economic system the second is a political ideology, and a type of society.