Bernd 08/05/2020 (Wed) 16:49:01 No.39052 del
People are making fun of things they are afraid of, to alleviate the stress. So fear comes first, then comes the humour.
But we don't joke only with things we fear, we like to make parodies of others. For me those videos are that. It makes fun of SJWs and points out the absurdity of the American left-lib insanity.
>Wasn't that how it was in communist countries? They made jokes about how it really was
Yes, but the fear came first. The dark '50s. Then by the late communism on the Hungary, political humour was openly allowed as an outlet.
>they had to conform to the rules.
They had to conform to the rules because people faced overwhelming odds. Local governments were backed by the whole Soviet power, and even the satellite states kept each other in line.