Bernd 08/06/2020 (Thu) 16:22:24 No.39071 del
Humour isn't escapism. Sometimes it is used to accept reality or make dealings with reality, processing it if you will. But humour in its core is just recognizing or presenting something that doesn't fit, an irregularity.
Let's see a common example: cat videos, or of children. Yes people like them because they fugging cute dawww but also because they are funny. They show something irregular, making people smile (and share it with their folks). Cat in socks, stepping weird. Kid pulling his baby blue plastic potty onto his head. These are funny. Are they escapism? Not really, that's more like fantasy. Just because these raise the mood of the people it doesn't mean it is escaping reality (I give you that they can be consumed as such). Also why would reality equal something bad that make people avoid it?
I think political humour builds on absurdity. It recognize the preposterous, or creates it by extrapolating the situation. Again in its core it's simply something that is off. And it isn't escaping reality, but helps with facing reality.

That video is a parody of a certain mental gymnastics some people is willing to engage in.