Bernd 01/14/2021 (Thu) 07:08:26 No.42053 del
What does Bernd think? In WWII did Americans, the ordinary man know, what they were fighting for? Could they? Obviously propaganda existed, but were journalism more honest? Or the era more simple in definitions that one could differentiate easier? Could one say, yes I found this or that right and I think it is worth fighting for?
Have Bernd read Catch 22? Does Bernd think it compares well to the reality? How about other WWII novels, how about Vonnegut's works for example? I'm mentioning fiction, because they might grasp more the thought process and the emotional involvement of those who lived through the events.
All the sides of the participants in the war have some caveats I guess worth to take a look, but at the moment I specifically interested in the Americans.