Bernd 01/14/2021 (Thu) 15:38:48 No.42055 del
I think ideology is much less important than it may be assumed to be. Just look at a situation like Korea or Vietnam, the split between ideology is solely based on location, almost like the ideology itself is unimportant and it just happens to be the flavour of the government they are under. If that was not the case you would see each army being a complete mix of various regions who had crossed either north or south to fight for the ideology they believe in but that doesn't generally happen, they usually stay and fight for the area they come from and in the cases they don't it's usually more to do with a group being poor and oppressed and thus willing to fight for whoever promises salvation rather than purely idealogical I would say. And taking that a step further you have the post WW2 Germans who on either side of the wall served the ideology of their former enemy. I'm not saying ideology does not matter just that it's not the sole factor or even the most important factor. In fact even before then, their were Germans ethnics who fought against the Germans in Poland and France and then joined the German army afterwards and there were Poles fighting for communists and democracies.

I think the average American would see the threat to Britain as being a good enough motivation as they are quite culturally close and then added to that in 1941-2 having both themselves attacked(although they were never in any real threat) and then seeing Australia become isolated and vulnerable would give them even more motivation. I don't think any US soldier would think that the war was wrong and not worth it.