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Looked into this conflict in Mozambique.
>Palma is [...] just a few kilometres from [...] Africa’s largest liquified natural gas construction site, where French energy giant Total has embarked on a $20bn project.
Then the next line:
>There are still many questions surrounding the real reason driving the violence, although competing theories are being floated.
What is the reason, I wonder.
>Meanwhile, foreign bodies and countries have offered to help the Mozambican government in its fight against the armed group.
>The United States has sent special operations forces to train Mozambican troops, while the former colonial power Portugal will deploy 60 military experts, also for training purposes.
Reminded me a flashgame about "war for resources" or something. The player had to pick a country to extract oil from, then place wells, then security to guard, then more mercenaries, then more oil wells, and whatever, meanwhile the resources vanished and were spent on war in these countries, when nothing left just empty war torn wastelands, and bunch of soldiers.