Bernd 04/08/2021 (Thu) 20:42:23 No.43238 del
>It occurred to me that our news sites (and therefore our people) seem to believe that China only has ~90000 cases of corona.
>If the numbers are correct then the vaccine cannot be useless.

China had comparable numbers before working vaccine (although they had experimental ones), and claims that it is all about proper quarantine and strength of their society. I.e. initial outbreak was quarantined, and now only rare cases of covid may happen, and they easily isolated.

Actually, they had no lockdown at all. I know one person who works in China few years - he said that there were no real restrictions except in some small amount of cities. And nobody really cared much.

Of course their numbers are fake, but who cares. Especially when you want to push another lockdown into another EU country, and use China as good example of lockdown effectiveness.