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>How do you feel, GLPtard?
First, that's a label you dudes apply to my swagger. Second, whatever name I put above my words is connected to boldly challenging yet stylishly stupid, designed to make people laugh. I draw hilarious shit, and someone delphically guides me to think right, pfft. Bud, can we ever agree, and isn't it okay if we never agree? This thread and my non banned existence, are at risk, ay stop. but fucking youtube, or the shitflow from 4chum and 8chum, does not stop and won't be called out(?).
I have the power of command in certain ways as do others. When I drop oc chops video game memes from endwar like I did above, I do so knowing that the thirty day electoral event is coming. When, both dc gov and a jones, then circuit $$$ for the event, and gather some patriots and antifa shits, at the obelisk, well, yes it is due to my memeing. It is a powerful thing to have that finger on the pulse of my beloved country, America.
I will quote A Jones here, where did this idea begin??

"Alex also revealed that his media company paid $500,000 for the rally on the White House lawn that preceded the violent siege of the Capitol. "When I tell you this, it's not to brag about my connection to this embattled president," he said. "No one would book the Ellipse, no one would book the other areas. No one would pay for it. We went and paid for it." He said that 80 per cent of the money used in the bookings was provided by a donor. "It cost close to half a million dollars," he claimed."