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Thus, once again, I feel the people are being fronted and put in harm's way, by pol and $$$ forces. I want none murdered by dinkbutt DC cops.
People want to dress up, but really, the Leiber Code will be followed if war comes, and dressing up in the costume of the enemy, is not allowed. You'll be whipped over a barrel if you wore a trump hat and not being loyal to trump. Ha ha, I am shit stirring again, but, honestly, Abe and Dr. Leiber had the right idea, to make war honorable, and, you cannot dress up like the enemy./ Burkas will also be gone, but, virus allows balaclava shitbird society. It is gut check time, but, anyway, DC is not American soil the DC square is owned by /intl/ forces, essentially "Offices of the Americas" types, check out the history of the square, and why Virginia drew off.
Also, one of my memepaths is Fallout 3 / NV / TTW and "Rally at the Super Duper Mart" is one of the memes I use. Thus, over time, I think people will actually take colorfully to the streets, as it seems, inevitable. But, let us not let the sight down. One cross each, line on the left, we will be on display as we go through the town. In the gameworld of DC Fallout, we see a Super Duper set of possibilities. Total disaster is all what the survivors make of it, so to speak.