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Here is the coca cola customer.
Don't buy coca cola products, and verbally berate those who do.
Louisville protesters attempted to lead a protest caravan thoughout the city, but only made it about one block before Louisville Metro Police Department officers intercepted the vehicles shutting down the caravan. For several hours, the protesters attempted to regroup, finally stopping infront of the Louisville International Conventional Center, where a cheerleading competition was taking place.
There, protesters began yelling at the school-age cheerleading competitors as they walked in and out of the convention center. Protesters used disgusting language, protesters told the children that they are “only alive due to their privilege” and telling the children that they should be “doing something black with their privilege.” The children they were yelling at appeared to be yelling at children aged between 3 and 15 years old.
Any parent who attempted to defuse the situation was surrounded and verbally assaulted. Police have not made an appearance nearly the entire time. The protest continues on and the protesters continue to yell at small children.