Tardus 03/27/2021 (Sat) 17:40:58 Id: 8d4a5b No.17439 del
Well said my friend, and I suspect those to be original content memes in a certain style, which made me laugh like jabba himself. HO HO HO
As we know, there are no jews on Nibiru, and I am not joking, nor are you. The beings on Nibiru, loathe the jewish ways, and this infection of the jewish mammonist would never carry in space. Space is cold, hard, demanding of work and dedication. No rabbi could ever survive there, because from their youth they are weakened and made evil. Space, requires Christianity, as it requires sacrifice of self, morality, and team based right thinking. Also, genes and breeding, are even more important in space. Planets, landlubbers, these have no knowledge of rightness, because they do not exist in space, they exist in the mealworm bowl of this diseased world. When the forces of space, come here, no rabbi will survive, and very few priests, however worship of Jesus Christ, will survive and thrive, once the mildew and rot of this world are treated and exposed to light of truth. I am not the only one who knows Nibsy is real, and inbound, lots of other tards know this, heh. But how many of them can solidly say, that there are now jews there and they are not allowed to exist in any form other than slavery. Slavery is the bed the jew makes for himself to sleep in, and as you point out, he is making a bed for himself every day right now, on this fallen, diseased world, which he himself ruined.