Aruba/Venezuala/Columbia Fuckzone of Drugs and Crime, imploding by Design Tardus 03/31/2021 (Wed) 14:44:03 Id: 0a8091 No.17462 del
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I would advise any interested reader to obtain a copy of "Thieves' World" by Claire Starling, which explains the connections of aruba and Russian drug lord "Yaponchik" which means 'little japanese'. Search his name and you'll find shit tons of info on this. This dude Yaponchik was gunned down by Russians eventually but he was in prison for years, before getting out in the nineties. He went straight for Germany when he was released. The story goes, that Aruba was the nexus for the cartel to launder money in these terms: Heroin went to Russia/USA to destroy both nations, and cocaine went to the EU to feed lawyers and judges their coke habit. "Cocaine was always a rich man's drug" was a statement from Tony Gambino in his famous interview, and the coke parties of EU leaders, are funded by their international drug cartel. Certainly the Panama Canal is going to become an absolute war zone soon, in my analysis that is inevitable, for as long as the average western dumbfuck does not wake up to the reality of drugs, and pussy. Pimp/drug life is no way to be ruled, if you capture all the drug users and all the hookers and put them in therapy, they will sneak out the back to their pimp/dealer. That is human nature. So, you can try to rehab the world, but if you do not blitzkreig the pimps and drug lords with 24/7 totalkreig, then their stockholm syndrome control they have over their chattel humans, willn't be affected. It is time for the west, to fight black markets, but stupefaction of the masses prevents the solution.

Diego Molano, Colombia’s defence minister, has said the current escalation in hostilities is due to a dispute between the FANB and illegal armed groups over drug trafficking routes. His Venezuelan counterpart, Vladimir Padrino, has cast the violence as a foreign offensive on his country.
Venezuelans seek shelter in Colombia following clashes between Venezuela’s military and a Colombian armed group.
Venezuelans seek shelter in Colombia following clashes between Venezuela’s military and a Colombian armed group. Photograph: Fernando Vergara/AP
“Colombian irregular groups attack us with explosives and rifles,” Padrino tweeted on Tuesday.
“They are a strange species of heartless and chameleonic mercenaries,” Padrino went on. “Driven by drug trafficking, they intend to do here as they do in Colombia.”