Tardus 04/05/2021 (Mon) 22:48:07 Id: 45cfdc No.17485 del
The issue of prions seems to be topical in recent days. CJD and mad cow and BSE are all related, but it's interesting that the Astra Zeneca oncologist died of CJD a couple weeks ago. No details are given. Also here is the 2020 preprint speaking to ACE-2 covid-19 prion issues. Essnetially the notion being floated is that one of the side effects of the vaccine will be CJD/BSE. Essentially 'Alzheimer's' is what it manifests as. Also there is an outbreak on Canada of some < 50 people in an area who are getting odd BSE/CJD effects, wandering off, losing coherence and awareness, etc.