Phos Anthropos In Your Chest Glows Like An Ember of Goodness Tardus 11/21/2021 (Sun) 16:24:12 Id: ef94a1 No.17925 del
Hey I am truly glad you liked my battle map. Come on man, you saying Thor and Michael the Archangel and Shithead the Archdemon and so forth, you sayin the gods do not exist?! Come on bro, D and D taught me at l;east that much. Role playing my bro, role playing. "D and D is only fun if you have someone with a really good imagination running the game." - said to me by a smart dweeb I respect and who is good at framing things in a truthful light.

My endchan compadre, allow me to rebut. I say to you that phos anthropos, christ the light of all humankind, is the overman, and, on feb 24th 1920, Adolf glowed with that light of being imbued with good topics and a bold willingness to speak to those topics. In that moment when he shamed landlkords and debt mongers, he was radiating phos anthropos. He had to brave beer mugs thrown at his head, but, having already braved the tavistockian hell of trenchwar, a beer mug was nothing.

And thus, we cannot say what transpired after that, was God's will, or not. But one thing is for certain, and that is that on Feb 24th 1920, a verbal, war between communism kikes, and Adolf himself, began. Adolf and chums, stood boldly and spoke boldly as to true defense of workers. Hearth and home are what workers want, and communism erodes and ruins that. And, it can be said that kikes never stepped up to defend the idea of phos anthropos as in the book of John, no they are absent from that conversation. They never stepped up to discuss positive Christianity. SO even as they consume entirely each child's light, now with literally death needles into the kids, well, is it any surprise that they wouldn't even discuss the idea, of 'phos anthropos' as described in John chapter one?

When we muse upon capeshits or the overman, --and you have rightly cast both of them down in your fine comments here on this board, we must agree with you: Adolf Clark Kent will not be shedding his glasses and turn into ubermensch and fly into the air. You and others have here on this board, devolved superman the cape, into a puddle of colored ink and nothing more. AND YET, the discussion about what is the spark of light inside humankind, will have to include john chapter one, and, so long as the bible, although a jewish book in many ways, has their most hated enemy inside it, well, then I will adore the bible for its ability to upset their apple cart. Take hope, and reply as to why you feel none of these fine readers could speak as boldly as did Adolf on that day.