Rules of /news/

1 : Crossposting politics to /pol/ is only voluntary.
2 : Blatant shitposting and D&C are not allowed.
3 : Intentional slander bait threads not allowed.
4 : All site rules are obviously enforced. No spam or flooding, illegal content nor illegal images/audio of children
5 : Spam includes: repeated messages or repeated images in one thread or multiple threads, bumping the shit out of your own thread with relentless samefagging, bumping threads without contributing to discussion of that thread such as keyboard rape or typing "bump", and linking to sites with pay walls.
6 : Do not evade bans. Submitting a calm appeal will usually result in a lifted ban.
7 : Current events only. News proven to be false and satire will be removed.
8 : No Indian "poo in the loo" defecation threads.
9 : No lazy title copied into the OP threads, or lying clickbait titles
10 : No /AM/ threads or messages. /AM/ is a board of autism rainbow text and butchered nonsensical English.
11 : Do not accuse each other of being kikes unless an anon explicitly says they're jewish or supports Zionism or Zionists.
12 : Blacklisted fake news sites: WorldNetDaily, Clickhole, DailyCrusader

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply