Endwall 02/28/2018 (Wed) 04:14:07 No.1151 del

I uploaded a Blue Screen of Death as the the photo for the thread but it didn't upload with the thread...I'm not sure why that is happening. I put a unique files filter on the board but that might be comparing it to a global (board wide) database. I might disable that setting.

The original text read "Turd" but then I read it back and said "That's harsh" and changed it to gem (satire to go with the Blue Screen picture that didn't upload). As for the operating system itself, it works...its semi stable... many people use it.

It's proprietary and Closed source, and the company are known NSA collaborators. So it's probably not a good Idea to run this OS anywhere at all. That said I'm going to make a board for MacOS security later as well, when I setup a Mac OS 10.7 Computer to play around with, I also don't trust MacOS but I'm approaching it from the same philosophy.

I had a very negative experience with using Windows 7 from 2009-2011, when I quit windows due to heavy invasive spying and related harassment. Which is why I full time switched to Linux. I don't recommend Windows at all. But it's everywhere and if you've got lemons make lemonade... I still have to do some things on windows for school... it's sad but true.

So my thinking is, we might as well try to increase the number of people using Tor and firewalling their computers, locking down processes, you can do some of that on Windows, so that at least if people start thinking about security, it it will be easier to transition in the future. Also GnuWin32 and Cygwin are worth mentioning and describing their use and setup.

I certainly don't recommend using windows for anything security sensitive, at all. This thread is more for people to bring them up to power user level, and to help me to learn how how to become a "power user" on Windows and to see what we can do to "lock down" Windows. This thread might be better suited for >>>/h4x0r/. We'll see where it goes.