Anonymous 04/06/2021 (Tue) 10:06:30 Id: 768bdc No.84419 del
It is all part of the show, the grand masquerade of "democracy" and "racial equity" on display to entertain and confound those who watch. I caught a few clips of the farce, mainly the witnesses including some deranged female "Fire Fighter" who was so delusional she could nary answer the defenses questions without placing it in the semetic framework she was ensconced within. The entire proceeding is entirely pointless for the results will inevitably be the same, Floyd will remain a bludgeon to attack with despite clearly being a dangerous negro drug addict. The result of the case will merely decide from which direction the bludgeon will be used I believe.

If they do intend to utilise Floyd in the way I believe they will we likely will see two scenarios mayhaps with differing window dressing. If the officer is acquitted which I believe is now a possibility due to the very conveniently timed release of footage of Floyd drugged out of his mind in the store dancing with, I kid you not, a banana then we shall see more tearing down of American cities with satellite protests within a number of the more degenerated European countries and a renewed focus on the semetic concept of "Racial Equity", the new byword to push forward further suppression of White Europeans and a further elevation of the violent hordes that have been forced into our nations will once more set into the stone of the occupied systems foundations. In the event of a guilty sentence the angle of attack will likely be a more direct alteration with quickly placed "Law Reforms" and "Policing Reforms" whose end result will, like the first scenario, offer even further leniency on the already barely dealt with negro crime which will likely make any where within America with significant negro populations an even more dangerous prospect. One merely need look to Detroit to witness the end result of such laws. By hook or by crook the semite will loosen it's golems leash even more, the trial is merely the vessel this will be borne upon. Biden in essence is the perfect figurehead for such a scheme when one considers, he is already mentally degenerated and physically frail, he makes for the perfect tool. If he introduces such laws due to either scenario and finds himself under attack for it then he is easily swapped out if the issue does not drop. If however the semetic propaganda is effective enough and he is not attacked then he becomes the "model White man" who "truly represents what it means to be white in a multicultural society".

If I were a betting man I would guess that this event will be followed by a series of other "racial crimes" in the coming months and will lay framework for what will most likely be a modern interpretation of the Cohen act. Some expect such an act to just appear on the books but the semite, even with it's sloppy handling of late, knows to outright introduce it would be too "loud" as it were but setting up the framework for it, well that is a far easier and quieter proposition. Floyd is the perfect tool to lay down a single brick upon the path of destruction, he will be one of the first to such an escalation.