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In the meantime, I'll share my experience. Firstly, I've had numerous kike professors and job managers. There are reasons other than what I've learned through research to why I hate jews. I haven't met this myth of a "good" one yet. They're always evil pieces of shit. For this point though, I'll start with the fact that there were many Communist students from my University days. One in particular was the most stubborn pain in the ass I ever met. He despised Europeans and was pro-Antifa. No amount of images shown to him or discussion would change his mind. Even for arguments that were petty and pointless (many not even about his loxism), he was slippery and couldn't debate without blowing up or shutting it down. For a long time I thought this was what happens to a displaced indo-European who has been brainwashed by Communism. That they're impossible to argue with or wake Aryans up from that degenerate ideal, because the fool kept claiming he was "white" so he "couldn't hate white people" even though he was constantly making Europeans out to be villains. Recently I found out exactly why he was annoying to argue with. This one doesn't know I'm a National Socialist. Most in person don't. I met him again in the lobby of a bank and casually brought up our University days plus the fact I always thought he was jewish because of how frequently he used to bring up "Grrr, Hitler". It turns out he's a 2/3rds jew Ashkenazi. Something he never admitted to the class back then. I came to expect characteristic rat-like features for every kike. That wasn't true for this one. Many blend in as a 5th column. Most importantly, he argued like a jew. You don't have to bring up any subject which would out you as what the kike calls "anti-semitic" to reveal them. All that's necessary is to argue over any sort of petty detail. The jews have an intense relentless stubbornness. Every tiny argument comes with such an intense reaction like you insulted their mother, that you would dare to have a different viewpoint than them. Along with an obsession with hating Hitler and bringing up the fake gassings, these two key features will reveal any kike anywhere.