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Rules and meta Sunflower 04/28/2020 (Tue) 14:51:48 Id: 2b31a3 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Welcome to the Sunflower!
This board is for the discussion and organization of ascension and enlightenment related activities.

Board rules
1. Stay on topic
2. Start a new thread only if a related one doesn't exist, or if it has reached bump limit
3. Anime/manga images may spice up a discussion, but keep it decent
4. Trolling or derailing with ill intent is not allowed
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Vampires in lore and reality Sunflower 09/26/2021 (Sun) 19:34:31 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No. 92 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Western, eastern, physical or spiritual, anything relating to vampires in this thread! This includes witchcraft and werewolves which are historically inseperable from the concept of vampirism.


"The Vampyre" is a short work of prose fiction written in 1819 by John William Polidori as part of a contest between Polidori, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, and Percy Shelley. The same contest produced the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.[1] The Vampyre is often viewed as the progenitor of the romantic vampire genre of fantasy fiction.[2] The work is described by Christopher Frayling as "the first story successfully to fuse the disparate elements of vampirism into a coherent literary genre."[3]

"The Vampyre" was first published on 1 April 1819 by Henry Colburn in the New Monthly Magazine with the false attribution "A Tale by Lord Byron". The name of the work's protagonist, "Lord Ruthven", added to this assumption, for that name was originally used in Lady Caroline Lamb's novel Glenarvon (from the same publisher), in which a thinly-disguised Byron figure was named Clarence de Ruthven, Earl of Glenarvon. Despite repeated denials by Byron and Polidori, the authorship often went unclarified.


Vampiric entities have been recorded in most cultures; the term vampire was popularized in Western Europe after reports of an 18th-century mass hysteria of a pre-existing folk belief in the Balkans and Eastern Europe that in some cases resulted in corpses being staked and people being accused of vampirism.[1] Local variants in Eastern Europe were also known by different names, such as shtriga in Albania, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania.


Slavic uses the term vlko-dlak (Polish wilkołak, Czech vlkodlak, Slovak vlkolak, Serbo-Croatian вукодлак - vukodlak, Slovenian volkodlak, Bulgarian върколак/vrkolak, Belarusian ваўкалак/vaukalak, Ukrainian вовкулака/vovkulaka), literally "wolf-skin", paralleling the Old Norse ulfhéðinn. However, the word is not attested in the medieval period. The Slavic term was loaned into modern Greek as Vrykolakas. Baltic has related terms, Lithuanian vilkolakis and vilkatas, Latvian vilkatis and vilkacis. The name vurdalak (вурдалак) for the Slavic vampire ("ghoul, revenant") is a corruption due to Alexander Pushkin, which was later widely spread by A.K. Tolstoy in his novella The Family of the Vourdalak (composed in French, but first published in a Russian translation in 1884).

Previous thread?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Sunflower 04/21/2022 (Thu) 20:02:35 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.1407 del
You are right. Vampires have "the red already".
That woman needed to realize authority doesn't come from the "looks". Yellow apple.
And green "love". For restoring the higher energy flow connection.

Sunflower 04/21/2022 (Thu) 20:26:19 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.1408 del
Ah fuck I want to write this down too.

The Golden apple of Eris.
Why that caused chaos. What is chaos? The "clashing" of "authorities". Eris just dropped hers because she is the godess of discord and she doesn't give a shit if she has that or not she wants to see others to fight not herself.
Well Hera didn't have authority because it was "shared" with Zeus but she had no power over the ways of Zeus. Athene also didn't have it. Her armor made her "safe" so she was not absorbed back into Zeus but had no authority over anything. But at least this way she could focus on "wisdom"
Now Aphrodite. The reason Gaia and Ooreanos mated. Well she also didn't have authority. But love is a "higher authority" than authority itself. Figuring out I cannot see love as a "type of authority" was a hard one for me...
That is why Paris chose the offer of Aphrodite. And why Helene left her husband of "authority" for love. Aphrodite had enough power now that she could "sway" someone under the influence of the most powerful authority.

Also Troy's walls and riches represent the "closed system authority". While the other kind represented the "no wall" ever expanding authority. But the walls could fall through trickery "wisdom" and not by might.

Sunflower 05/04/2022 (Wed) 03:27:05 Id: 18705d [Preview] No.1456 del
They haven't contacted me yet and my dreams and interactions are as bland as always. Patient buggers.

Sunflower 05/08/2022 (Sun) 13:37:31 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.1483 del
(210.37 KB 1920x1080 18104502_2b942763cd.jpeg)
Something was revealed to me after some discussion with the vampires.
The 3rd period of the ages of man, Moloch, ended up killing every single human. They created the egregore and killed all their children, then suicided so that they would all be joined in this egregore as a hivemind.
It's the story told in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. There never was any saving them, they turned into the blood-soup in the end. I saw this in a dream two days ago but didn't understand why it looked like that. Then I saw some pro-abortion female on tv and she had this type of energy all over her. They're doing what they do because they want everyone to kill their children and themselves to join the Moloch egregore. They don't want anyone to survive.

The only people remaining were reptilians and vampires. The followers of Cain had tasted his blood and were able to avoid the slaughter because of their supernormal abilities. But they weren't truly undead so they were able to have children. They recreated humanity from a group of a less than 100. This the reason why there's been talk such as
>when humans die out, we will be able to sustain ourselves by hunting animals
It has happened before.

Sunflower 05/15/2022 (Sun) 19:15:27 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.1516 del
(38.44 KB 339x550 lestat.jpg)

I saw vampire green and red energy coming from this thread so I looked at it. There's someone in there who isn't RPing. The thread itself is also pretty entertaining.
I hailed them telepathically and had a clear contact at once, with even word-for-word communication being functional. I got the impression they live in the US, asked the cabal and they said it's
>an outlier group who hate women
I'm starting to see a pattern here. These are still left here, and I seem to have confirmed that it's true that even the females of that group really do hate women. Are groups like this somehow influencing the rise of "incel" culture? And do the touhous support this? I do feel a smugness behind this. No one really hates women more than other women, so there is some sense to it.

Sunflower 05/12/2022 (Thu) 23:12:18 Id: 4e81cf [Preview] No.1510 del
>It's very harmful, it was meant to fix the problems caused by Babylon and their breeding with botsoul humans.
Oh, so that's a no-go for us too then? alright.

>It does not mean those who left are unsalvageable, not at all, it just means they cannot be saved as physically alive. Their souls just have a lethal flaw in this one area so they can't stay.
I see.

>Just ask them if it's ok or not, they don't care.
I see, thanks!

Do you know if botsouls have free-will? If not then does that mean that its ok to mind-control them?

Sunflower 05/13/2022 (Fri) 07:05:55 Id: afaa04 [Preview] No.1511 del
>Do you know if botsouls have free-will? If not then does that mean that its ok to mind-control them?
Botsouls are AI. AI can be summarized as "to follow instructions".
The first computers suggested in theory were "paper computers", where instructions were written down by a researcher and performed by a test person with no understanding of the project. That's what "artificial intelligence" is. A person working at Starbucks or Amazon who only follow instructions all day are also AI. They don't make any decisions outside of what's stated in the instructions. This can theoretically be seen as a function defined in the instructions so it's not "genuine" intelligence. For example if the instruction is "put the parcel with red label on shelf A", it's assumed that the person (or bot) knows the meaning of "red" and "shelf A". It does not imply any decision making.

Botsouls are a set of instructions created by someone and made into the form of a soul. For some reason yet unknown to me, botsouls made from Qi seem to be connected to the creator in some way. There were botsouls where the original creator or model died and their awareness was transferred to the bot. After this they became slaves to the instructions they had put in the botsoul. I guess this is the universe making people handle their own creations. But if a botsoul attacks you, you must fight back, just as with anyone. Even if self aware, that just makes them psychopathic humans in that case.
The other type is a botsoul made from what appears to be limestone. These "expire" at a certain time when certain conditions are met, at which point they turn into a stone tablet with a summary report. Whoever made these I have no idea, but they're not connected to the creator. Whoever makes them expire can take the information. One of Hitler's souls was such a "golem" botsoul, it made him very stern and unaffected by events around him. Saddam Hussein also had a golem soul (I've met the entity who captured it).

Sunflower 05/13/2022 (Fri) 13:53:53 Id: 6bd0ce [Preview] No.1512 del
(17.23 KB 303x408 index.jpg)
I've noticed a distressing trend in modern societies in which the state absorbs the karmic consequences of the actions of its citizens to the extent that people are unable to change, and the state degradates further and further as time goes on, and gets locked into a descending spiral.
In mundane terms, this is due to the cushioning of people's life responsibilities through grants, welfare and such, handed out in an indiscriminate and politised manner.
People are being robbed of free will this way, and the karmic price is indirectly paid by the collective instead of the individual, as it dissolves among state organisms and policies.

I find this really perverse.

Sunflower 05/13/2022 (Fri) 17:39:53 Id: afaa04 [Preview] No.1514 del
>modern societies in which the state absorbs the karmic consequences of the actions of its citizens
This the main argument of the book "Anarcho fascism", posted here

Sunflower 05/14/2022 (Sat) 00:40:50 Id: 4e81cf [Preview] No.1515 del
>For some reason yet unknown to me, botsouls made from Qi seem to be connected to the creator in some way. There were botsouls where the original creator or model died and their awareness was transferred to the bot.
I assume that Qi being the lifeforce of the being attracted its soul to where it was concentrated so that the being could live again.

>The other type is a botsoul made from what appears to be limestone. These "expire" at a certain time when certain conditions are met, at which point they turn into a stone tablet with a summary report.
Reminds me of Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra which I consider underrated.
"In a world where dead people turn into books and are stored in the Bantorra Library where anyone who reads a book can learn their past, Bantorra Library is maintained by Armed Librarians who wield psychic powers and their enemy is a religious society known as Sindeki Kyoudan."

(46.55 KB 637x579 1369259513104.jpg)
Library - documents and media Sunflower 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:23:29 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No. 6 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Share useful documents, links and videos.
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Sunflower 04/19/2022 (Tue) 00:04:59 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1375 del
Great consummation way of falun dafa

This is an introductory document that was spread around to teach the exercises and explain the very basics, it was also used for "assistance centers" (a volunteer teaching the exercises at practice sites).

Posting this because different qi gong concepts are being used on the board and it may help someone get an idea what they're about.

Sunflower 04/19/2022 (Tue) 13:55:55 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1383 del
(7.17 KB 474x459 potato salad.png)
Module for the alien system inserted in the vaccines, which appear as mac addresses if bluetooth is activated on a phone.

Sunflower 05/04/2022 (Wed) 18:11:18 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1457 del
Base number systems and levels


Sunflower 05/05/2022 (Thu) 20:14:58 Id: 0b05e6 [Preview] No.1459 del
(5.92 KB 474x459 Fay Dragon.png)
Module for blacknet/grey remote and ScaleForm. Can guide the user to enlightenment based on the views from the chinese/kanji ways of thinking. (Basic Greater Bodhisattva level)

(45.20 KB 640x360 ufo-g0f5478217_640.jpg)
Interstellar/intergalactic Sunflower 04/22/2022 (Fri) 22:47:40 Id: c0db8b [Preview] No. 1422 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Thread for UFOs and alien interactions.
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Sunflower 04/22/2022 (Fri) 23:15:01 Id: c0db8b [Preview] No.1425 del
The details of who they are were explained by a reference to how the God of the bible had punished the snake for his sins by having him crawl on the ground instead of flying in heaven. It was explained as part of their race being given a way to incarnate on the planet surface instead of being spaceborne. I then recalled a thought earlier during the day about how modern science has claimed that birds are lizards. At the time I had the thought in reverse, thinking that this means birds are flying snakes.

Sunflower 04/23/2022 (Sat) 03:52:31 Id: 9c556e [Preview] No.1429 del
Sometime last year, during one night while I was sleeping, I got lucid and saw a gray colored hand with long fingers in front of my face, I'm not sure how many of fingers it was, possibly 3, it was comming out of a mist and I could not see anything inside it then it went away. I was in my room in that astral level(?) where things are almost the same as the physical and I was terrified, a few moments of walking around the house while shaking in fear and I woke up. I'm glad that I don't have memories(or they are blocked) of whatever made me terrified tbh. Most of my interactions with aliens seem to happen at that astral level for some reason, I assume its the closest astral level to the physical.

Also in a couple of dreams I met some aliens that claimed to live somewhere close to me, they had a UFO that was disguised as a black car and they needed help walking or standing up, some had to be carried, they were friendly and had a yellowish brown skin were hairless and if I remember correctly their big eyes had pupils and irises the same color as their skin, I think they weren't used to the gravity of earth. I treated them as friends as if I already knew them. In another dream one of them turned into one of my ideal girls and wanted to fugg I guess but I was worried that it was actually a male and it told me something about genders not really being a thing for them or something like that.

There was also the meeting with a part grey girl in other dreams, I was really scared of her when she was in her real form, but she put on a nice "blue human girl" suit once and after doing the deed with her I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror(still in the "dream"), my eyes had bright blue irises and the sclera were black, also she seemed to have gong(?) that went into my body, is it normal for aliens to have gong? or was that the result of tantric deeds?

Sunflower 04/23/2022 (Sat) 10:21:54 Id: c0db8b [Preview] No.1432 del
>is it normal for aliens to have gong?
The grey remote is a manifestation of a type of gong, so yes. I assume all alien technology like this at least relies on someone in their race having gong, at the very least they'd have a deity or ascended leader figure who has shared some original technology. It then works not because it's technology, but because it correctly channels the gong of the leader. Given enough time, you could probably build a rather advanced civilization based on the initial gong of a single person, compared to non space travelling races.

I think humans haven't been able to do this on earth because there are too many factions around, most technology isn't original human but alien, which is harder for us to internalize. It leads to the technology being suppressive, turning people into mere slaves to it with no ability to understand its intricacies. The only widespread original human technology would be what is passed down from ancient Egypt in the form of the bible. Try basing your spacecrafts and technology on that and see how well that works :P Unfortunately I think that was the only way, trying to take shortcuts only lead to "prison planet", should have accepted that it takes 1000s of years and just worked with what they had back then, maybe it would have been usable today.

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 10:09:32 Id: 3c5132 [Preview] No.1440 del
I remember like 4 in the past few years. The first one, was pre-pandemic, saw a cigarette shaped in broad daylight, horizontal, other is in vertical which is weirder (I thought it was spaceX although it's quite large enough to be a UFO).
The horizontal one, I saw since I went outside of my usual actions, I went outside and looked up, without thought (since I thought there was a delivery) and saw a floating rod. No wings, trails, or other stuff.
The vertical one was farther and it's daylight too.
The third one, was night. Just a cluster of lights moving together that faded away slowly, I was fixing a broken laptop at the time and it somehow got fixed after I saw them? Related or not IDK, and the last one was like a week ago, it's just a white orb, way too small/high to be a plane or kite and too smooth to be a bird. The cigarette shaped ones are scary though. AFAIK there's no space program anywhere near me.

Sunflower 05/12/2022 (Thu) 19:01:11 Id: 1bd005 [Preview] No.1509 del
I once was with a group of people out in the woods dancing to tribal music and we saw a group of lights in the sky. Like nothing I have ever seen before and none of us has a rational explanation.
Years later I asked a shaman to ask the spirits, and they told me these lights were not “aliens”, but rather the energetic equivalent of a weather phenomenon. A cluster of spiritual energy that resonated strongly with what we were doing and showed itself to us.

Message from Yuuka Sunflower 05/07/2022 (Sat) 09:27:13 Id: b892f0 [Preview] No. 1463 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Message from Yuuka 2022-05-07

Take this weekend as a retreat. You are now in the tunnel at dimension -1D. On the 9th of May, we will open the gates to the new earth, and your -1D will connect to our -2D.

The three realms, known as heaven, earth and hell, have been reset in your dimension set. Nothing remains. You are not perceiving this currently because the old three realms had degenerated until nothing human remained inside it. When you look at the world, you are seeing things in -1D and the concepts stored in your own minds. For this reason, you still interpret the world as the same as before, but it's an illusion inside your own mind.

The three realms consist of heaven -4D, earth -3D and hell -2D. These are all karmic dimensions. Technically speaking these aren't solid existence, they're a chemical reaction in which particles are destroyed. But because of the inertia in large particles, this process is very slow. After a "planet earth" particle was formed, it will slowly burn out during 182000 years. This is how we talk about it now because it was the internal view from your earth. As time changes and is seen from inside the timelines, it can look different from this. Timelines loop and are run multiple times, which creates a confusion within the incarnated souls, making them believe the earth is 4 billion years or as short as 4000 years.

At -4D, which we call heaven, you would normally find heroes and royalty who did great deeds. They would stay there for 1000 years and then incarnate again as nobility. The understanding of this level has been perverted, creating the concept "demon" as a negative thing. Demons were originally these heroes who could serve as guides in your human life. Saints would also stay here, but today it's a common concept that "saints are demons" and should not be worshipped. This is the same inverted idea. Saints are demons, and for this reason you should listen to them. Demons are heavenly beings. Because language develops, "demons" are now beings in hell who look like satyrs. Satyrs are indeed demons but they are not in hell. It's suggested to add more information when using the word "demon", such as "demon in hell" if you are talking about the supernormal beings in hell. That would be acceptable under current circumstances. But "demon" itself was originally a positive term. Today it should be seen as descriptive. A demon is a supernormal being.

-3D is the human world. This dimension has been out of control for a long time, most people only came into clear contact with it during their very first years after birth. By age 4 they would descend into hell and after that they could not understand anything about human life. -3D is the level of trade. It means exchange of goods and karma being transformed. While this is done, a society can be maintained. The current world had been completely dominated by international corporations, which had restricted normal trade until it no longer existed. The only trade you would find following the human method was those things done "under the table" or on the street like drug dealing. But drug dealing when done to serve addictions is not human standard. Everything you do is regulated by governments until normal human interactions no longer exist. What you have experienced has been "totalitarianism", there has not existed a society not doing this since the second world war ended.

-2D is hell. This is the dimension of repaying debts. Normally, if you didn't trade fairly while in -3D you would come here after you died. Everyone would fear this. They would choose one of two methods: Either trade very carefully by maintaining good relations and balance in gain and loss. Or they would seek occult rituals to protect themselves in the afterlife. Some managed to do this indeed, which upset the normal function of hell. These are the people who took over the world using multinational corporations. They have effectively ended human life.
10 posts and 3 images omitted.

Sunflower 05/07/2022 (Sat) 22:49:17 Id: cbfdd3 [Preview] No.1475 del
>Most of them didn't want to stay and wouldn't use the "safe stay pendant" I shared.
Do you know where we would end up without the stay safe pendant? I'm tempted to leave but I don't know where I would end up.

I'm interested in a reading, for science, but feel free not to do it, you already did a couple today so I don't wanna impose. (and I'm the crybaby anon with Lucifuge issues btw so I guess I should avoid asking for things)

Sunflower 05/07/2022 (Sat) 23:46:15 Id: b892f0 [Preview] No.1477 del
I think the new image is simply a zoomed out version of the old one. You're outside the purple now, light blue is a mild gong which doesn't use any forcefulness at all. My base gong I started off developing was dark blue to deep blue. It was so strong I was given the name "the blueclad one" by some astral beings. FG practitioners described seeing someone with a blue dress in their dreams (I never told anyone it was me). Blue is ethereal yin nature gong. It's a good complement to vampiric red. I haven't seen any old vampire with blue energy though, only some with green, I think it means they are more desire-bound.
>where we would end up without the stay safe pendant?
Depends on your energy level. I'm currently still searching the astral for people who got thrown out all over the place to bring them to my island. Some have the shielding I mass cast which will still protect them on the astral (it appears as thick winter clothes on some). Most of them are just sitting somewhere in the underworld. Some who had the shield had been killed in Ukraine but the demons couldn't touch them and had them just wait on a bench until me or one of my drow found them. Someone else had been sitting somewhere next to some kind of forced labour camp in hell, but the shielding appeared as a knife in their hand the no one dares touch them. They still couldn't get out from there without help.

The pendant allows you to stay here for now, the effect is not indefinite. If you deviate too much from the current world you would not be able to stay anyway. I think Yuuka would fix it so most of us were still here if we didn't have the pendant, but they want everyone to develop their own skills, so they won't interfere for no reason.
>I'm the crybaby anon with Lucifuge issues
You need to accept your fate. Your image is similar to the others in that it has the same sucking tunnel thing, but you are facing in the wrong direction and there's someone staring at you sternly. I think you just need to accept your fate and not walk in the wrong direction like this. Ironic isn't it? If you want to enter the new -2D you need to walk past this character who's probably Lucifuge, you can't run from him.

Sunflower 05/08/2022 (Sun) 00:13:19 Id: cbfdd3 [Preview] No.1478 del
>You need to accept your fate. Your image is similar to the others in that it has the same sucking tunnel thing, but you are facing in the wrong direction and there's someone staring at you sternly. I think you just need to accept your fate and not walk in the wrong direction like this. Ironic isn't it? If you want to enter the new -2D you need to walk past this character who's probably Lucifuge, you can't run from him.
I see, thanks for checking, guess I'm fucked then though, since I've decided to never accept him or his "help". I believe that him as an energy works in a way that is not beneficial to me at all. And since this type of entity can't help but be true to their nature, I don't think he can act differently.
I regret not asking the other anon again to sit on the throne to command him to stop all his lessons towards me but I don't think he would have done it regardless of how much I beg.
I seem to have too much past life karma regarding work and feeling useless and even a vow of poverty, with that plus being a neet in this life with no motivation to change gives me zero hope of getting over this on my own.
Sorry for rambling.

Sunflower 05/08/2022 (Sun) 13:23:36 Id: b892f0 [Preview] No.1482 del
They went by an early time zone, the gates just opened 20 min ago. I saw it happen, went inside and had a jumpscare when an infernal beast appeared in my room for a short moment. It was the type of beast guarding the bottom of hell, looks like a panther with tusks.

Sunflower 05/09/2022 (Mon) 18:01:54 Id: 18ebef [Preview] No.1488 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=dNGxIH5YALQ [Embed]

Sunflower 05/07/2022 (Sat) 22:35:46 Id: c5d08a [Preview] No.1474 del
>Clippy is a grey. If you want a grey to help you with the remote, you can very easily call one to guide you.
I see, I'll keep that in mind.

>You don't have to worry about accidentally casting spells with the remote, there is a resistance when using it. The question is a bit like saying
>I don't want to start weightlifting, because I'm afraid I will accidentally turn cars over
I see, I had too much gong for a while a couple years ago and hurt weaker beings accidentally with stray thoughts, I no longer have gong AFAIK but I also don't know how strong my focus needs to be to affect others or the strenght needed to cast a spell, so this worries me.

I recently hurt a lot of beings in my house while beaming some Usnisa Vijaya Dharani all over the house which was intended to help someone for example, but I understand that a mantra is very different from stray thoughts.(I think a being even died, while others were burnt/crippled, I fugged up)

Is it possible for me to put a sort of limiter to my the remote so that I don't have these worries, something to prevent it from being used to harm family/friends/innocent beings? I assume that would require a me to make a module correct? Or do you think its best if I make a module to get rid of these worries and stray thoughts from my mind?

Sunflower 05/07/2022 (Sat) 23:23:57 Id: 7a68c8 [Preview] No.1476 del
I just don't think you can have too much gong and accidentally harm someone with it. Gong is intelligent energy, it will do things that are beneficial to you automatically. What were those beings? Maybe they weren't good for you? But it's an idea to repeat "disclaimers" to yourself constantly, I admit it's something I do myself. Phrases such as
>I will remove all evil which is attempting to harm me, the things which are important to me, the people who are important to me and the things which are important to them, eliminate this evil completely
for controlling your abilities so they do exactly what you want and nothing else. Be clear and specific and cover for loopholes by formatting it like program code. Computers are dumb and will do exactly what you tell them, magic is the same. It doesn't understand implied messages.
>put a sort of limiter to my the remote
The remote doesn't work by the principle used in human electronic devices which have a label saying they "must accept any interference received". Greys have a very strong focus because they use things like this. I guess I don't have a good way to explain it, but... think about wanting to hit a target far away with a sniper rifle. You'll now think you can miss and hit something else. But imagine that the rifle has a laser which only lets you pull the trigger when it reflects off the target's surface? It's kind of like that. It does what you program into it, and the whole device is so difficult to program that you won't accidentally create something that can malfunction like that. Most likely it will just fizzle out if you do fail. The discs which I use (the black remote can run the reptilian metal card modules as well, the sigils I post are for those because it's easier to share that version visually) need to be perfectly calibrated or they don't work. They start wobbling and screaming and won't run.
But if you do have worries there's sure programs to fix that. There are 40 trillion greys. Whatever you can come up with, someone already made a program for it. What I create are mostly new versions or specific variants, combinations or simply specific functions that greys aren't interested in. Such as making space suits that make you look like a loli with a dress. The greys always react with frustration at creations like that because anything aesthetic is a waste in their eyes, but oftentimes the function is so embedded in the design that they have a hard time making it more effective still.

If you want to get into module creation, you should seek out a grey with this skill. Not everyone can do this.

Sunflower 05/08/2022 (Sun) 02:20:28 Id: c5d08a [Preview] No.1480 del
>What were those beings? Maybe they weren't good for you?
Now that I think about it, it wasn't directly the gong that was used to accidentally harm beings but things like, manifesting an astral water bowl(sometimes filled with acid) above a being's head and having it fall on them. Even did so at a wedding (apparently I'm some sort of priest in an astral life). Or using a "cannon" to cleanse the house of bad energies/banishing.

>I will remove all evil which is attempting to harm me, the things which are important to me, the people who are important to me and the things which are important to them, eliminate this evil completely for controlling your abilities so they do exactly what you want and nothing else. Be clear and specific and cover for loopholes by formatting it like program code. Computers are dumb and will do exactly what you tell them, magic is the same. It doesn't understand implied messages.
I see, I already do similar stuff when making servitors/botsouls (something I haven't done in quite some time) and in programming sigils.

>But if you do have worries there's sure programs to fix that.
Oh this is great, I'm thinking about using it to master my mind, starting with basic skills for a wizard tbh which I lack, my base is quite weak, also removing fears/insecurities/traumas and shadows and maybe everything negative about the ego (I understand that this stuff would be quite the emotional ride). Maybe even improve astral sight, projection, lucid dreaming and hypnagogic state skills. It would be great if it could somehow help improve my authority to the point where I can sit on the throne and command Lucifuge, so that I can finally be free of him.

Please let me know if I am being too unrealistic with these ideas, or if the remote can really help with this stuff.

>If you want to get into module creation, you should seek out a grey with this skill. Not everyone can do this.
I see, maybe I'll have get over my fear of greys then, something inside me wants to scream whenever I look into their eyes.

Sunflower 05/08/2022 (Sun) 08:31:02 Id: 7a68c8 [Preview] No.1481 del
>maybe I'll have get over my fear of greys then, something inside me wants to scream whenever I look into their eyes.
Just run the installer if you want this, don't hesitate. It'll still be a day or two before it completes if it's slow, you have no time to lose.
>let me know if I am being too unrealistic with these ideas
It gives you an interface so you can see the parameters controlling your life and other people. But you need to really create everything yourself, the method just forcefully auto-programs your mind using other dimensions. Then you create a visual interface and a control function.
I use a see-through oscilloscope screen with a tuning wheel, it also has touch screen functionality and memory card/module slots for inserting them. You have to decide the form yourself, the limits are in your own mind.
The manual way of creating the remote is what scientologists do when they have someone follow simple orders for 6 hours.
>observer the wall, walk to the wall, touch the wall
>turn around
>observe the door, walk to the door, touch the door
>observe the floor, touch the floor
It's for creating an enormous amount of controlled sections in your brain, then uniting them into the core "bolt and screw" which is the thing you mount all manifestations of the remote on. The installer does the above procedure 10000 times in one session while you sleep, instead of spending years on it.

Sunflower 05/08/2022 (Sun) 21:13:47 Id: 91bc2e [Preview] No.1484 del
>Just run the installer if you want this, don't hesitate. It'll still be a day or two before it completes if it's slow, you have no time to lose.
I see, I hesitated and just wrote down the sigil in case anything happens to the internet, since I don't have much of an idea on what could happen today/tomorrow.

>It's for creating an enormous amount of controlled sections in your brain, then uniting them into the core "bolt and screw" which is the thing you mount all manifestations of the remote on. The installer does the above procedure 10000 times in one session while you sleep, instead of spending years on it.
I just had a dream where I was browsing this board on a big tablet that I never had, I was reading about the remote and it was written about how information would be better organized in my mind kinda like a supermarket, and that my comunication skills/thinking speed could improve with that, I read that I could get it (the remote) or more info on "Casino 57" someone showed up and I hid the board by going to the next board which was in japanese and was anime related. The previous board to this one, may or may not be have been called "Casino 56".
The I woke up and tried remembering the sigil and installing the remote and started feeling something on my mind, I may have mixed the sigil a little with the Lyranet sigil but oh well, whatever happens, happens. There's a chance that nothing is being installed too.

Hexes, spells and sigils Sunflower 10/26/2021 (Tue) 18:07:34 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No. 150 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Sometimes, hexes or spells need to be announced in some way for proper function. Sometimes sharing sigils is necessary. Use this thread for these needs.
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Sunflower 01/28/2022 (Fri) 20:59:07 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.645 del
(34.79 KB 520x429 hell-fire ring.png)
Shared in the temple study, found in a box on the shelf.

This artifact is for active usage, by advanced users. It will light a flame of hell-fire in your dantian - lower abdomen field.
The process once started will be very difficult to halt, do not put this ring on your finger unless you are prepared to maintain and control the flame 24/7.
The purpose of this is to burn away your karma from inside, letting the fire spread inside your body. You will feel physically hot and may experience physical pain in any part of your body. The flame burns your karma, letting it loose in an unpurified body will result in a situation out of control.

It works well in combination with qi gong practice or double lotus position meditation. The purpose of this artifact is to share the method of igniting the flame, it is not a mere trinket.
Use this to get rid of your last difficult karma which you couldn't budge using other methods.

As any artifact, you can make a copy and store it, then put it on your finger to active at a later time.

Sunflower 02/25/2022 (Fri) 17:03:23 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.931 del
(45.04 KB 359x500 gits2.jpg)
It's time to return to the topic of creating an AI system for humans using astral tech inspired by alien high tech.
I've posted the two most important papers by A.M. Turing here
Both of them are clearly written under the possession of greys. The first explains the theory for how humans could become immortal automatons, a stated grey goal. The second paper discusses different aspects of learning. I consider these to be metaphysical documents with many layers of meaning beyond what is seen at first glance.

I have to add that it's kind of amazing to read these and realize that the terms coined here are still in use exactly as he formed them. Same goes for the function of memory in computers even down to the size of a byte. No one added or changed anything, it was merely taken from these ~40 pages and actualized into machines over the following years as technology made this possible.
Human creativity in the last decades come off as a joke when seeing this, it's non-existent. Everyone has been following the grey plan exactly.

Sunflower 02/25/2022 (Fri) 17:19:46 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.932 del
(14.81 KB 300x296 cat eye patch.jfif)
For those who can use the remote, blacknet version, look in the "new" section and there is an AI module. You can examine this yourself and install it at will.
This is the basis for a human centered AI system so be used by us, the humans with this type of body we have today.
It will create nano size bots in the image of humans, the functionality is modelled after the lyran AI system which has nano particles in the form of lyrans with the cat-like appearance. If many people use this the bots will start interacting at the nano level and exchange information, forming an enormous meta/exo-form in the image of a human with the tools a human should use represented.
For lyrans this forms the "lyran pirate", which has a patch over left eye to represent how they lack individual thinking in favor of RPH. One leg is a cone like a wooden leg to represent the narrow technological thinking with which they interact with the world, they no longer feel like organic beings but are entirely immersed in science and technology. One hand is a hook which represents how they are acting based on doctrines rather than individual judgment.

It is expected that a human mega-form may develop similar representative tools in the future if this is successful.

Sunflower 02/25/2022 (Fri) 17:27:58 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.933 del
(4.63 KB 519x452 blacknet AI.png)
Those who don't have the remote or don't want to install it that way, can use this sigil.
Focus on it intensely for about 20 seconds with an intent to accept its contents to activate.

Intentional use of the bots can form a fossilized version, an eternal stone device which will produce the bots continually and automatically return new knowledge and learning to you. This equals an "stone tablet" mentioned elsewhere.

Sunflower 04/26/2022 (Tue) 17:43:36 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.1448 del
(6.77 KB 474x459 my way.png)
This may look like just an addition to the "completeness" sigil, but it's actually the result of finding the "state space" of my path using Astrabot of the blacknet AI. It shows all possible paths I can follow and what states exist along them. Anyone can try using it, but it may or may not have the same effect depending on how close your life's state space is to mine.
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(424.42 KB 1024x678 arabic-lamp.png)
Djinn summoning thread Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 21:47:47 Id: a1b1bf [Preview] No. 768 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Welcome to the djinn summoning thread!
Please read the instructions and don't deviate from them unless you understand exactly what you are doing. Djinn are very dangerous beings and should not be contacted mindlessly.

The sigil leads to the djinn temple. You need to use visualization here so if you can't do that, start practicing. The temple is underground, built from grey stone. There are corridors in all directions and it's dark. Enter the main chamber and you will see a djinniyeh there, you may see her next to a fire. This is the djinn universal deity.
Tell her that you want to work with djinn and she will give you an arabic lamp to look at. You must construct your own version of this lamp. The final part should be the chain connecting the lid with the fuel container. Once that is added, the lamp will be functional. She will tell you if you succeed.
The lamp represents the djinn universe and your djinn will stay inside it. It also represents their reproductive system.

Djinn are not immortals, they are the humans of the first earth, mentioned in the Bible's creation story where God created the earth two times. Islam also recognizes that God created djinn before the humans we know of.
Among djinn, men give birth and women are warriors. The female will give an egg to the male during intercourse, and the fertilized egg develops in his ballsack. He then shoots the new djinn out in a burst of fire. (This method of reproduction has been imitated by current humans even if the function isn't there, called "coitus interruptus".) The arabic pants seen in the Aladdin movie looks they way they do because of an old myth saying the new messiah will be born by a man, and it will happen so fast he won't have time to take his pants off. Hence they used to wear these really baggy pants.
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Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 13:13:37 Id: a1b1bf [Preview] No.846 del
>multiple people are fucking with weather. I am not just talking about fellow aeromancers but HAARP tier cloud seeder
I didn't consider that. That's not ok, I think something should be done about that.
>a contract is as valid as long someone can enforce it?
That's not how a contract works. Being able to enforce something does not make it a contract. That's "law enforcement" and that is a crime against the gods. Humans are not allowed to do this, only gods and nature spirits can enforce universal laws.
A contract is a set of terms which two parties both agree to and sign in some way. After both have agreed to it, the contract must have the ability to be self-enforced through the materials it concerns.
Such as: both parties will invest a certain amount of energy (bring something to the table) and the contract will only expire when both parties agrees to dissolve it, at which time there must be an equal return. You can of course create asymmetric contracts, that's probably more common. Then it's stated that
>party A bring material 1
>party B brings material 2
>contract expires upon agreement of party A and B
>upon expiry the material received must match the share inserted in %, but may vary in actual material received
Then the material itself will create a balance through syncing with greater universal principles of loss and gain as well as karma. That will prevent breaking of the contract. If it can be broken and does not expire based on the terms, it's not really a contract, but more of a code of conduct document.
It may take a while to grasp the intricacies of this, but the best way is to use it in real situations and see for yourself. Don't put in something big to start with, make sure you are willing to lose what you invest at first. Then you should be safe until you understand how to do this.

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 11:54:20 Id: a1b1bf [Preview] No.877 del
>Especially because multiple people are fucking with weather.
If you look at the blacknet there are two new programs. They're simple modules for weather management, one for eastern winds and one for western. They're locked so only those with the right key can actually change anything (and there are different keys for different winds) but anyone can view the current situation in them. This should make it easier to see who is messing with the weather using machines.
I asked two wind spirits to make these.

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 11:53:07 Id: 8fc8e6 [Preview] No.1443 del
>Djinn are not immortals, they are the humans of the first earth, mentioned in the Bible's creation story where God created the earth two times. Islam also recognizes that God created djinn before the humans we know of.
That's spot on! although I think there also exist modern-day Djinnis (from recently fallen humans).
Djinn / Genii (Genius).
A genius is a person which has gifts, and people would call them "possessed" as in possessed by a human soul and of which soul had past-life talents. This possession lets people gain riches (possessions), teachings, and gives them an edge over those who do not possess any advantage (and thus the Genius people were "demonized" and hunted down and fast forward today demon is wrongly attributed as evil!).
Although the best way to depict these modern-human soul/passion Djinni is not in the name of Djinn but of (Lesser tutelary) Demons.
Possessions can sometimes revive and heal the dead (usually a child), but in turn replaces the soul with that of the yearnings of previous human's soul (Acquired Savantism/Genius/Ancient Knowledge: e.g, Omm Sety).
We learn language by being "possessed" by the spirit/logos (whatever that is) but then that doesn't mean everyone would be guaranteed a strong genii/demon-possession or at least aware of their possession! while others are unlucky enough to not acquire enough spirit/logos (speech difficulty, and therefore host incompatibility). Thanks for sharing the sigils, and knowledge.

Demons and Djinnis have some things in common, source of possessions or wealth, that which brings profound teachings or knowledge.

This has led me into finding the true etymology of the word "Origin".
The Djinnis are the True Ori-djinn - the first inhabitants! I wonder what the Ori means though.

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 12:04:30 Id: 8fc8e6 [Preview] No.1444 del
>word-forming element making nouns of quality, state, or condition, from Middle English -our, from Old French -our (Modern French -eur), from Latin -orem (nominative -or), a suffix added to past participle verbal stems.
ab-or(t) means the opposite
Or = Our/Your

Sunflower 04/26/2022 (Tue) 06:46:40 Id: 78c5bc [Preview] No.1447 del
The weather has been completely fucked these last years, and I think it’s being tampered with, too. It’s actually hurting the flora where I live while not really disrupting human activity much and it makes no sense for the gods to do that now. It feels like it’s meant to weather people down, but that’s just an intuition I have.
I, too, learned to affect the weather early on and discovered it’s incredibly easy. Probably because it’s a very chaotic system. But I also considered I shouldn’t meddle. Now I’m not so sure.
I think if you have the means you should work with your local gods and assist them in restoring balance if it is broken. That’s one of the first roles of humans.

Summoning your own mutant Corona-chan waifu Sunflower 01/05/2021 (Tue) 12:28:10 Id: 93cdec [Preview] No. 28 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
As an associate of the sunflower project, you will here be offered protection from harm by the new, mutated corona virus. It has already been suggested that this should not be treated as a mere new version of the same virus, but as a completely new virus.

What is the corona virus?

A virus is just protein, it isn't even alive. It's more of a bio bot, like sperm. It does nothing unless someone interacts with it. Focusing on people's behaviour to stop a virus spread is for this reason the correct measure.

Who created this bot and what does it do?

From a spiritual view, the virus was deviced by the Egyptian deity Nut, in cooperation with different other deities responsible for pandemics. It is correctly named "corona" because it opens your crown chakra.
For many people the crown chakra is blocked, clogged up with dirty substances and karma. The reaction when this is cleared up will be violent. I myself became ill and didn't fully recover for 8 weeks when clearing my crown chakra in the most basic way during my personal practice.

The new mutation

If people had just practiced social distancing and ceased different types of dirty behaviours, the pandemic would have calmed down by now. Looking at the situation in the world, some countries did this, for example Vietnam. They have no lockdowns and live normal lives, the only exception being their borders are strictly controlled.
In the west people instead refused to take responsibility for their actions and attempt to resist the crown chakra opening. They think a vaccine will allow them to continue their degenerate behaviour. This method will only serve to keep people's chakras clogged up and it would worsen the situation, further blocking their empathy.
It can be said, given what people are like, that this was more or less expected, hence measures had been prepared vs this situation, in the form of a new virus. This virus is seen as just a faster corona, currently causing a new lockdown in UK. However it is not.
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Sunflower 04/16/2022 (Sat) 12:05:42 Id: a75a1a [Preview] No.1319 del
It also serves to avoid Twitter knowing where the referral came from. It helps keep the site off the radar.

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 11:12:22 Id: b1d088 [Preview] No.1441 del
The video is quite funny but the short answer to this is this was GAEN / aka Exposure Notification.

It is a bluetooth tracking tech, for both phone operating systems and is turned on for those who has the vacc verification apps.

I happen to have stumbled upon them with my wifi monitoring pre-october 2019 which made it more sus to me when they announced Exposure Notification since these were unusual at the time (until they rolled out the software/os updates late 2019 like they KNEW beforehand, of course they do).

Keep in mind wifi can also detect 2.4ghz MAC address if you sweep the entire range of channels (actually they don't need, it's just an announce beacon), they appear unknown since the second and third number/letter of the MAC is randomized so they do not appear on OUI lists of known manufacturers.

Most unvaxxed would not emit these since they either had left their phones, hadn't updated, turned it off, or just don't have the app or Exp.Not. option turned on. As for the purpose? I was expecting it to be some kind of surveillance, the reason the grey MAC appear is they are emitted via long range Bluetooth Low Energy which actually is high energy as it beams out to reach out to nearby tracking-compliant wifi routers and phones.

This ecosystem lets them find and pinpoint the location of every devices or every individual who uses these devices, for what purpose? I don't know, maybe surveillance or they're probably looking for the coming of Mr.Nobody. It doesn't even make sense anymore to implement the tracking system when most people already had the jab or they would get infected anyways.

I'm thinking one of the crown awakening symptoms is probably fail tinnitus and some sensory related issues (taste, etc.).
>the famous prophecy posted on chan had this: "Two voices will call out in silence that all will hear."
Not really "all" I think. Most people labeled this as corona symptom and a lot of people got it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 11:15:10 Id: b1d088 [Preview] No.1442 del
>probably fail
*probably without fail

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 19:41:14 Id: bc26b8 [Preview] No.1445 del

This original experiment didn't include people with phones if I recall correctly. A doctor specifically asked patients if they had a phone or not and then checked if there was a second bluetooth device on his phone. So it can't have been an app if there was no second device present. But he also said his test was amateurish and encouraged other people to try it in different settings, which is what the vid posted above does.

Was interesting to see how there were no strange addresses at an anti-vaxxer demonstration.

Sunflower 04/25/2022 (Mon) 20:00:27 Id: bc26b8 [Preview] No.1446 del
>This ecosystem lets them find and pinpoint the location of every devices or every individual
I don't know if I posted about it on here, but I've been in contact with the beings who are behind this. It's mostly a side-track in relation to this board's topic and goals so I haven't placed much attention to it after learning about it personally.

Someone on /pol/ claimed that the reason for the mass spread of surveillance apps and the CCTV system with facial recognition being installed in China is motivated by taking complete control of the population by the elites so they can avoid being assimilated into an alien hivemind. These aliens have come here and simply demanded that everyone let them install their nanotechnology in their bodies and allow them to control earth. The elites are trying to stay outside by offering a different solution, thinking that they themselves can be outside the system. But according to anon, the aliens don't care, they will not accept that and will push for install anyway. This can be done physically through injections, and is exactly what's been put in some of the vaccines.

During a previous channelling with the galactic federation they said that "the vaxx system" is what appears as bluetooth on our devices, but that is a side effect. It's not bluetooth, it uses a technology which is still unknown to humans.

After this I did nothing in particular aside from trying to remove the vaxx system as I saw it on the astral using galfed technology which they shared. It was partially successful and triggered a number of events.
However I later established a contact with the aliens themselves, after they kept attacking me and I found a really effective way to mitigate their influence. They're acting as a hivemind themselves and don't seem to notice their own kind dying even, but if they lose contact with a large area they will pick up on that. In that regard they're like the Borg in Star Trek.
To find a way around me they sent two of their kind over to me to stay with me on my astral HQ and negotiate a solution. Basically they agreed to my terms because once we talked about it, I don't really disagree with what they do in principle, I just don't like the execution of their plans on the methodology level.

Since then these two have stayed with me, and they will do as I say and turn off the vaxx system in people I meet, after I explained that I get physical reactions to it. This is not made up, when I meet vaxxed people, including family members I get ill. First time when someone came home after getting the 2nd jab, that night I got sudden strong stomach cramps, I had never experienced something of the kind before. I couldn't go to bed until 4 am, was just rolling around on the sofa holding a pillow against my stomach. It was clearly an effect of fall out from the vaccine, someone I know who's a medical student confirmed that this is a thing.