Sunflower 11/02/2021 (Tue) 16:45:23 Id: 69765e No.172 del
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>When this happens time and space collapses back into one timeline and one space.
So it's as I tought. The new earth already being created confused me a little bit there but as it stands now it does make sense imo.
>Getting a reincarnation spot on a planet with a population of 100 000 will be very difficult.
Only 100000 on the entire planet? That sounds like paradise. It's also hard to imagine since my shithole of a town alone has more "people" living in it at the moment. But overall, your description of a new earth so far sounds just like what I wanted out of my life in Japan, except everything is a thousand times better. I am naturally not a big fan of the physical and all it's limitations and sufferings, but it sounds very interesting to me. Especially interesting if you have witnessed the old earth and all it's horros and degeneracies, getting a chance to witness the new earth as a comparison with all it's goodness isn't something one would pass on I think. I think you should feel blessed to get the opportunity to witness the complete reset and new start in one lifetime. I have still my own astral places of course but if it's possible let's meet on the new earth later.