Sunflower 11/26/2021 (Fri) 10:50:50 Id: 8174cc No.234 del
They're different versions of the moon shield posted here:
Greys use their remote and cloud, while reptilians use a system called ScaleForm (it looks a bit like Windows 3.11 and uses fax as the main long distance communication).
When expressed as djinn waves they look like that. Elephants are benevolent versions of the mammoth attached to this post. This is a very dangerous wave. Do no mindlessly imitate this one. But it's likely many people have this one already so posting it now may make them become aware.

The mammoth starts at zero, moves to "new perspectives", then back through "perception alteration" and then down to "history/identity" where it replaces the real history with a fabricated version, it then moves up west into "future projection". This is how communism functions. It offers new perspectives, alters your perception of reality, makes you understand your identity from within its own doctrine and then sets you off to create communism as a future vision. Most people in the word are controlled by this wave. It's the reason they can not learn from history, and why they can not see reality.
NATO recently adopted the doctrine of cognitive warfare
this is a direct manifestation of how they've already adopted the thinking of communism themselves.
It's also used to make people accept the covid measures with no criticism. The perception alteration was described by Orwell in "1984" where the main character is brainwashed to see 4 fingers when the interrogator holds up 5, only because he was told to see 4. This is what is happening in the world right now.

The mammoth is also used by the 14 eyes spy organization and its branches, by UK satanist cults and by secret societies in general. They have brainwashed themselves and can no longer perceive reality correctly. This is their weakness and the reason why Sunflower can use clear awareness to defeat them.