Sunflower 09/17/2021 (Fri) 11:48:35 Id: 22f711 No.77 del
>mermaid gf. Unfortunately not much is known about them
This is because they were extinct until not long ago. Mermaids are from another planet, but they were genocided by a certain (much hated) group.
We came across a strange arabic looking entity earlier which had only upper body ending in a cone shape, covered by a blue cloth with a tassel. At first we called them "cone djinn" but then decided to go for "din" for "little djinn". After further consulting of greys over telepathy they explained that greys had tried to recover the lost mermaid DNA to recreate them, but lacked material and made some to fill in. This didn't work and they abandoned the project. Djinn got involved and put their DNA in the missing spots, which created the din/cone djinn entity. They are very mysterious, no one really understands them.

Mermaids have recently been recreated in full using deep akashic records (lyrans did it) and you can get in contact with them if you really want.

(The group who genocided them are the degenerate faction of a certain alien human civilization covering multiple planetary systems. They also incarnate on earth and are known to us as Sturmabteilung(SA) in nazi Germany, KKK in the USA and recently as Richard Spencer's alt-right. They are mostly ruled by a white male gay supremacist ideology and hate all females, which is why they have genocided female dominated alien races. They are the reason for the anti-white movement, it is aimed at fighting them. They should not be confused with nordics/pleiadans. Not all of them are bad, but many are. Their astral image shows them wearing black pants and checked white shirts.)