Sunflower 09/17/2021 (Fri) 16:05:42 Id: 34c037 No.78 del
Strange and unique story. Your world and worldview are very interesting. Usually mermaids (also known as nymphs) are regarded as water-elementals, spirits living on the astral. But according to you they are aliens from another planet that got extinct.
>you can get in contact with them if you really want.
I don't like chasing girls and beign the first one to ask. It feels unnatural, contrary to what humans want us to believe. If a spirit or alien or any type of girl wants to be with me and feels like it's gonna be good for us both, they can come to me first and give me a sign. That way I'll also know that they actually like me. Otherwise I'll just stay alone and focus on myself. I may be unfit for a relation anyway. Maybe just looking at cute pics of girls that I like is enough for me.