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Hexes, spells and sigils Sunflower 10/26/2021 (Tue) 18:07:34 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No. 150
Sometimes, hexes or spells need to be announced in some way for proper function. Sometimes sharing sigils is necessary. Use this thread for these needs.

Sunflower 10/26/2021 (Tue) 18:17:21 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.151 del
For procedure:
The karma of the movement pushing for vaccinations has been reversed. This is the tip of a much larger egregore made up from the abortion industry and any entity drawing benefit from it, including research based on fetal stem cells and the medical industry.
This means things are speeding up. In reference to the book of revelations there will be 7 chalices poured out over the earth, each creating disaster. The first was the islamic state. The second was the covid pandemic.
This is the third disaster.

Someone may not see how this is relevant, is it a prediction? No, not directly. The bible as it is formed today with the old and new testament is to my knowing the most complete and powerful grimoire widely spread in the world. Passages can be used for spell casting by relating them correctly to worldly phenomena. This is one such use.

This is the "absolute horror" previously mentioned.

Sunflower 10/27/2021 (Wed) 02:00:24 Id: 6552af [Preview] No.152 del
(196.16 KB 682x349 TempleOS predictions.png)

Sunflower 10/27/2021 (Wed) 02:13:24 Id: 43acb9 [Preview] No.153 del
how dis work?

Sunflower 10/27/2021 (Wed) 16:20:08 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.154 del
(9.75 MB 854x480 all cause deaths.mp4)
"All cause deaths" are appearantly increasing, unrelated to covid. What could be the reason...?

Sunflower 10/27/2021 (Wed) 18:50:02 Id: f0a518 [Preview] No.155 del
It's from TempleOS's divination tool
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Xgt6ONSd7OQ [Embed]

Sunflower 10/28/2021 (Thu) 00:03:22 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.156 del
(2.37 MB 598x4257 vaxxie blood 02.png)
Maybe this?

Sunflower 10/28/2021 (Thu) 15:32:35 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.157 del

Spear and moon spells


Zeth paar obittu

(Tip rod position)


Baati zenith rjuazvrir

(Circulation rainbow moon)



The Hideous Spear was created through a 5 year process of refinement. It was carried out through the interaction with a female demon who was summoned for this task.
I provided the means (energy and purpose) while she performed the handicraft. The original intent was to put an end to abortion and the misuse of sexual activities, thereby restoring decency and romance in the world.
The means was the channelling of the vengeful hatred against the living, by the unborn and the abused. The spear was continually fed energy and sharpened by piercing and cutting souls of the selfish and cruel women and their enablers.
As it was finalized it was produced in two copies, one for me and one for the demon. A few other entities have since been able to produce their own copies of the spear.

The spear is merely an artifact of power, but awareness of its process of creation may be relevant to understand its usage and limitations. It can not be used for evil, it is a tool of retaliation against evil. It represents the endless reach of karmic vengeance. It is deviced to instill in the evildoers, a paralyzing fear and an understanding that they will never escape justice.


The moon manifests as a rainbow colored shield orbiting your astral body at a distance.
For those of you who already created the "astral island", a homeworld or headquarters which you rule over, the moon will appear over your island. It will periodically show all seven colors of the rainbow, one at a time, as it passes through all of its phases in travelling the sky.
The seven colors correspond with the seven chakras of the body, from bottom to top. As the moon changes color, the corresponding chakra will be activated.
The moon functions as a shield by the far end of your mind, body and being. It will protect yourself as well as others, offering a path to immortality by circulating outside of the reincarnation cycle, always remaining in the sky. As you or any of your residents look at the moon, they will experience the promise carried within this process, that of the always present possibility.

Sunflower 10/28/2021 (Thu) 15:32:59 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.158 del

For easy transmission and use, the spells were articulated using ancient atlantean. I expressed my intent and goals with the spells, and they were translated into this magical language by The Princess. You may know her as an immortal atlantean nobility and a core member of the vampire cabal. She is not a member of the vampire temple, but serves as a matron to its students and researchers. You may refer to her simply as The Princess.

It is fully possible to use the moon spell at once, but it's more or less expected that most initiates cannot focus the needed energy into a sharp enough point to power the transformation. For this reason the spear spell was created as an aid. A previous version has been shared using a sigil; this creates a single use spear which can break through one dimensional barrier. It is suited for situations where a limited burst of energy is required. Creating the moon will most likely not be done with a single chanting of the formula. If you can do it, do it. If you can not, create the spear first.

This spear is not an actual sharpened copy of the spear, as that takes significant energy concentration and exact alignment of intent. This spell creates a functional copy of the spear, similar to a cast iron artifact. It must be sharpened through usage over time to reach the same standard as the original spear. But it will be functional at once when created.

Practice chanting each word individually until you can pronounce them properly. Intonation does not matter, atlantean relies entirely on syllables to transfer meaning. Do not speak the complete formula until you are ready to cast the spell. Practice each word individually. While rare, a mispronounciation while chanting a functional spell formula can produce unwanted results, so pay attention.

If you decide to use the spear, learn this formula first. For best effect it should be chanted aloud, although a silent whisper will also work as long as performed correctly. Once formed, hold the spear in your left hand astrally while moving on to the moon spell. This will aid your focus.

Both spells can be performed successfully by a single chanting of the formula. For those who cannot focus enough energy at once, it will also work to chant repeatedly, slowly building up the energy with each completion of the formula, until formation takes place.

Sunflower 10/30/2021 (Sat) 07:44:43 Id: ebef62 [Preview] No.159 del
(52.99 KB 510x256 the formulae.jpg)
>Do not speak the complete formula until you are ready to cast the spell
BAATI ZENITH R%@&'#^*!*cough cough*
I think that should do.

Sunflower 10/30/2021 (Sat) 23:43:48 Id: c4f07e [Preview] No.160 del
(65.64 KB 900x1125 statue.jpg)
>The first was the islamic state. The second was the covid pandemic.
>This is the third disaster.
I don't understand how these events correlate to the disasters in the bible anon. Can you explain that, please?
On the off chance that you know about the abramelin operation, do you know something about it?
I mean it's main goal is the knowledge of and conversation with the HGA, but there are spells and magic squares tied in so I guess it's on topic.

Sunflower 10/31/2021 (Sun) 15:08:16 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.161 del
(1.33 MB 1920x1080 2nd coming.png)
>I don't understand how these events correlate to the disasters in the bible anon. Can you explain that, please?
Esoterics now consider the events of the book of revelations to have taken place in the 800s already. Jesus came back and the distasters already struck. The 1000 year kingdom was from 800 - 1800. After this the beast came back and created the Soviet Union which existed for a short period. We are now in the very end times after the beast was again beaten.
The church buried these events to protect their political power. If people knew Jesus already came back and left again they would lose a lot of followers.

However, the bible being structurally very well organized, is a functional grimoire. Each sentence can be used based on its symbolics (its meaning and placement in relation to the rest of the text). This means the 7 chalices in this case can be used to sync spellcasting with worldly events and create the same process again, within the current context.
The same is true for the "mark of the beast" appearing in the form of vaccine passes, it's a side effect of using the same section of the text.
>the abramelin operation, do you know something about it?

Sunflower 11/01/2021 (Mon) 23:05:23 Id: 5eea62 [Preview] No.168 del
Is it possible to "Bind" those "Holy Books" of major religions so that their profecies don't happen or something? I have no idea what would happen or if its a desirable thing.

Sunflower 11/02/2021 (Tue) 08:57:10 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.169 del
Those aren't prophecies as such, but rather structures used for forming the world since several 1000 years back. You can't "bind" the entire world egregore and prevent it from carrying out its function. What you can do is to slightly change it through studying and applying the text.

Sunflower 11/09/2021 (Tue) 15:41:03 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.177 del
(671.26 KB 1488x934 satanic concert.png)

>Astroworld Festival update: 8 confirmed deaths, many others injured during Travis Scott concert
>About two dozen people were rushed to Houston hospitals and at least 11 were in cardiac arrest, HFD Chief Pena said. The victims were as young as 10 years old.

Aside from the obvious vaccine induced heart issue connection, this event shows clear signs of spellcasting.

Sunflower 11/09/2021 (Tue) 23:56:25 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.178 del
It was better than it first seemed: there are 8 flames on the stage, 8 people died. And the tunnel looks like the CERN particle collider.

Sunflower 11/24/2021 (Wed) 21:19:11 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.222 del
An addition to the previously released Fay World Order distributed governmental system has been made available on the blacknet and the grey cloud:
The Fay Social Order module.

Effect of this installment will be instant and forceful. It does not effect only the individual who installed it but will rather work as nodes of a network where each node in itself has the ability to spread the correct values and behavioural standard to the entire world. This will from now on function as the standard for human social interactions, with a punitive perk; failure to meet the standard will result in negative consequences until the individual corrects themselves. Misbehaviour will lead to automatic counter measures balanced to the degree of delinquency, the worse the behaviour, the worse the result for the person. This is not optional, the installment must be followed by earth residents of this old compound from now on.

The new earth has its own standard set by Gensokyo, but we are not yet merged with them, only connected. Until then, to maintain an orderly transition, our final form will be enforced.

Sunflower 11/24/2021 (Wed) 21:23:32 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.223 del
It's strongly adviced to run the blacknet installer and get this module pro actively, this will protect you from mistakes. The module may manifest in the form of a minidisc (it should currently be in the "new releases" list), install it on your remote and you're done.

Sunflower 12/25/2021 (Sat) 15:46:07 Id: 1355a7 [Preview] No.391 del
Cleansing action: force energy in through crown chakra down through trunk out of root. The entity who told me to do this said to place a piece of wood at the crown and bottom but an astral substitute should work.

Sunflower 12/25/2021 (Sat) 16:59:00 Id: 99ab0b [Preview] No.392 del
It seems to create a spiral/screw motion like a tree twisting and growing to align with the sun as the seasons pass.

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