Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 06:00:24 No.14496 del
>but no one imposes them on me or publicly recommend taking this or that stance in any matter, let alone non-technical ones
Why does that matter to you that much though? They can't really stop you from using it how you wish even if they want to.
>None of them is associated with any (((large corporation))).
Same point as above. Also (assuming the language becomes successful) I'm pretty sure most corporate languages will split from the main branch.
While I will admit there are probably more sjws bitching in languages like Go and Rust, I don't think languages like C or Lisp are free from that either. Ada, pascal, and perl maybe, but that's because there are less things written in those languages for people to bitch about.
It's also a losing game in the long run since you're depending on SJWs being distracted by shiny new toys. The moment you have something very popular written in pascal you'll have SJWs interested in it.
>free of AIDS
do you mean political shit you dislike or technical cruft? I'll admit I've heard good things about Ada (and pascal's probably fine), but
> Perl is a good dynamic scripting language that can do all that Python or Ruby can, and has a huge number of libraries.
Perl is well known for having unreadable code. And considering python is a lot more popular it probably has more libraries.
>No need to give reasons for C and Lisp.
I think C is good but I would really only use for shit that's simple and fast. Anything else would probably invite problems.
I've heard common lisp is fine, but again,
>They aren't good, however, to make dumbed-down software or easily integrate with botnets, which are the most common things in software today.
The rest of the points were fair but I don't get this. Why wouldn't you want your software to be usable for others? If it's at the sake of functionality that's a problem, but you make it sound like software that's difficult to use is a good thing. If all I need to do is simple shit, even if I'm smart enough to figure out how to use your shit why would I waste time learning something that I could have done in much less time?

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