Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 12:49:52 No.14498 del
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I don't care what the reason is there's only one serviceable implementation of these languages. I simply don't like using any kind of software where one particular group has leverage over everyone else. This wasn't so bad back in the 80's, because the software was so simple that if they tried to pull some shit, you could just write your own equivalent from scratch. But today most software is extremely complicated, and so are the toolchains. Which brings us to that other question: "Why wouldn't you want your software to be usable by others?" Well the answer is simple: I only care about my needs. Thus, I can choose whatever languages I wish and use any kind of interfaces that work best for me. Plus my code will never be distributed anywhere, as they're just projects I do for fun or to fulfill some personal needs. This might sound weird to you, but to me it's completely natural. When I was growing up and got to play with computers (early 80's), we didn't have Internet or even a modem (first time I used a modem was ~ 1992-93). You wrote stuff for the hell of it because it was fun, and then your code sat on cassette tapes, floppy disks, or sometimes even just a printout or written down by hand (because some computers I used back then didn't even have a storage device). Maybe times have changed, but I haven't. In fact, none of the modern software or games interests me whatsoever.