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>I don't think languages like C or Lisp are free from that either
Lisp is full of faggots, but of a different kind, mostly harmless.
Nothing in this world is free from the grips of Satan anon. Insanity is everywhere.
There is a group called "Include CPP" whose goal is "a more welcoming and inclusive C++ community", organized by literal Jews and trannies. (How can that even work in practice, considering the nature of C++?)
This is not on C++'s official website, not in the ISO Committee, not in any technical documents, not a CoC.
It's not associated with the language itself, that's fine, just some mentally ill men and useful idiots doing their things.
>there are less things written in those languages for people to bitch about
>The moment you have something very popular written in pascal you'll have SJWs interested in it.
They aren't popular because no (((large corporation))) sponsors, funds or endorses them.
Ada or Pascal cannot become popular today. They don't save typing and don't allow you to use advanced Pajeet coding techniques such as doing everything as lambda expressions. They are not appropriate for the type of shit software that is made nowadays.
>Why does that matter to you that much though?
>do you mean political shit
I mean political shit, regardless of what I dislike or like.
Consider what would happen if for example PHP's website had "White Pride" banners on it, or some of its key people openly advocated Nazism in technical contexts.
>Perl is well known for having unreadable code
It's been part of an old culture. It was influenced by Shell script and uses lots of punctuation that can be hard to understand from the outside.

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