Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 03:03:18 No.14561 del
>lol, why would I waste money on a new PC if mine works just fine on a usable OS?
>Also $200 is too expensive for something I don't need, sorry iToddler, I wasn't born rich.
I never got this argument, you are basically just admitting that you have no need for more powerful hardware. My main workstation has a Ryzen 9, gtx 3080, and 64G ram. I run gentoo, and I even find myself running out of ram depending on my workload.
>I would even go as far as using Vista or 8
>I would use VISTA over 10
Again, you are only sharing that you don't actually use your computer for anything productive. Lol.

Look, I get that your x220 is perfectly fine for web "development", web browsing, irc, simple hobby programming, etc. But why do you larp online in /tech/ communities when you clearly don't even like computers?