Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 16:39:23 No.14630 del
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>And you're telling me you can't afford a $200 PC from the past 5 years that will run it seamlessly?
linux/bsd you can run on literally anything. not windows.
>Sell your 15 year old Thinkpads
the good ones aren't even 10 years old yet.
>Have you anything to hide?
>windows is quite stable
I've had crashes and bugs on windows more times than I can count. I've never had linux crash on me, and I use rolling release distros.
>Linux, on the other hand, presents you with hours of work
Linux just works dude, ever tried linux mint or debian? Easy install and configuration. Ubuntu is coming out with a new installer too.
>broken audio
you're right that linux audio is a mess.
>a lack of hardware and application support
wrong there. more hardware and applications work with linux than windows by FAR. you have no idea the amount of software out there for linux, it seems. Also there's wine for practical windows applications. Meanwhile on windows you have to literally virtualize a linux instance to get applications working. LOL
> You're paying for consistent updates and almost full support for any and every application in existence
I'm sorry, but last I checked I couldn't run most of the stuff I use on linux in windows. also I use linux free and I get regular updates to my kernel.
> The user experience and interface is only beaten by Mac OS from Apple, and is lightyears ahead of anything Linux could bring to the table.

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