Anonymous Global volunteer 02/06/2022 (Sun) 22:06:33 No.14967 del
That's because most tech boards are memes, idiots, and people who ask how to get their web browser working on their Walmart-bought Computer. That and games. Endchan /tech/ has potential as it is the last /tech/ board after 8chan died (>inb4 8kun).

I am a global vol but I could supervise this board for you. The problem appears to be that it's inactive. I don't think a lot of people still know about endchan and /tech/ now-a-days. My initial advice is to try to make your own threads as stickies to spur activity, and potentially advertise in banners on other sites. (Please note my advice is not an invitation to raid other sites, or spam other sites, or spam other boards or individuals).