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(861.52 KB 1920x1200 archlinux-squidgirl2.png)
New thread, Squid edition! Suomi 09/05/2021 (Sun) 22:39:02 Id: 512121 [Preview] No. 146095
I like squid. Do you like squid?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/05/2021 (Sun) 22:41:04 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146097 del
I prefer octopi.

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 22:41:30 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146098 del
Oh course!
Also, thank you Chain!

Suomi 09/05/2021 (Sun) 22:46:39 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146099 del
I've never eaten an octopus.

Fried Calamari is yummy!

Someone put together a PDF of all of Slate Star Codex. It was over 9000 pages long (9503 pages, to be precise).


Muffin#Kitty+ 09/05/2021 (Sun) 22:47:51 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146100 del
No! I meant as animals! Not to eat!
If it were just to eat, I will chosoe squid.

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 22:51:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146101 del
Have you decided to read Das Kapital yet?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:20:21 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146103 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:21:43 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146104 del
So day~
did you watch the mansion video?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:23:52 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146105 del
I dont get it.

And i forgot lol. gonna watch it now

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:26:41 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146106 del
(374.91 KB 570x1024 81528861_p0.jpg)
Slow day.
I messed up.
Still distracted by the rape culture post.
I feel like Scott needs a little more...... Cultural knowledge before he makes a post. Lest he comes off as incompetent.

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:27:40 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146107 del
Not incompetent.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:30:44 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146108 del
(625.02 KB 600x848 BUY ME NEOCASH NOW.png)
SEE WHAT I MEAN?! The problem with people like him is that they are so high with their own farts that they think what they write about is the absolute truth!

百合 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:34:42 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146110 del
(52.05 KB 850x601 1627169937827.jpg)
>Living off grid, is it hard?
It is, you really have to have your act together. Also, have to be ok with long periods of isolation. If you plan for things, it's doable. Here's the thing, I see things down here getting so bad it may be the most viable option for me here. Also, look at the cost of living, it's shit almost everywhere. Wages aren't going up, infastructure is really going to shit and in general the American people are fucking assholes. I don't see people getting any better anytime soon. All that considered, it makes living off grid sounds pretty good.

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:36:13 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146111 del
(839.41 KB 2389x2783 86670719_p4.jpg)
He seems intelligent. But, I wouldn't say he's an expert on culture. There's a part where he mentions a there being no game about rape when there's Rapelay... It sorta discredits his argument. I mean, he's reasonable and I can see where people might agree with him. But, he needs to research the topic before commenting on it!
>people like him is that they are so high with their own farts that they think what they write about is the absolute truth!
That's the rationalist community in a nutshell! Look at Kraut and Tea and Armoured Skeptic! Same type of people!

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:41:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146112 del
(413.12 KB 585x802 88166060_p0.png)
Imagine being a tradwife with your hunky pioneer husband living off the grid. Seems exciting~

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:50:09 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146113 del
(481.19 KB 600x900 1611709271944.png)
Scott seems to shine best when he's talking about statistics and court cases!
Why doesn't he just focus on that?!

Suomi 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:53:01 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146114 del
>Scott seems to shine best when he's talking about statistics and court cases!
And SSRIs and other psychiatric things (his professional area of expertise).

fleur.chan 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:53:40 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146115 del
(81.54 KB 387x545 5f7b21eaaee4f.jpeg)
You won't get a woman here wanting that life, you'd almost have to get a native or a Russian. I'd never trust a woman here for something like that. Also American trad wives are a meme, they're trad till they have to actually be trad.
Is he a psychiatrist?

Suomi 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:55:44 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146116 del
Did you read the blog post where he describes using Seroquel to cure someone's racism?

Let’s take, uh, some guy who’s always ranting about how the Jews secretly control the world. They have underground tunnels where they have their secret Zionist meetings and talk about how they’re going to stick it to the Christians. Every major war and economic downturn has been caused by this. ...

I actually knew a guy like this. He was a schizophrenic patient in the mental hospital where I work. Overall I found it a nice break from the tedium of CIA-conspiracy folk, alien-conspiracy folk, and white-people-conspiracy folk (remember, this is Detroit).

Am I saying everyone like this is schizophrenic? Not diagnosably, no. But I notice that there are a lot of not-diagnosably-schizophrenic people who believe in the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Freemasons, and – yes – lizardmen. Is it really so outlandish to say that the same faulty reasoning that concludes that Freemasons run the world could conclude that Jews run the world, and for the same reasons? Does it really make sense to just blow one off as paranoid conspiracy-mongering, and the other as originating from a completely different process called “anti-Semitism” or “racism”? Remember, “healthy” people with paranoid and conspiratorial beliefs have the same kind of fronto-striatal prediction error signal that schizophrenics do, only less so, suggesting that their odd ideas probably come from the same kind of disturbed reasoning process.

“Are you saying that anti-Semitism literally plays no role in their theory about the Elders of Zion”? Again, call it what you want. I’m saying that by totally ignoring the anti-Semitic aspect, I was able to successfully treat this guy with Seroquel, whereas if you tried to read him Elie Wiesel books, he’d still be in that psych ward today.

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:55:55 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146117 del
(90.88 KB 453x339 1612408383135.png)
Why doesn't he focus on those! He can make convincing analytical arguments rather than diatribes about Nascar fans!

Suomi 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:57:42 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146118 del
>Why doesn't he focus on those!
His posts about gender, race, and other controversial topics get the most pageviews on his blog, lol.

Suomi 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:59:05 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146119 del
>Is he a psychiatrist?
Yes, is a professional psychiatrist.

Sweetie#badfox 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:59:09 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146120 del
(146.40 KB 340x383 1612651994012.png)
From personal observations, if a woman in the US wants to be a tradewife. It's usually so she can sink her claws into you and drain your sanity!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:00:42 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146121 del
Cause those are hot button issues that people talk about!
It's like talking about Gamergate or the altright when they were popular! People are going to click the articles and read about them!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:01:41 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146122 del
(219.17 KB 1238x1556 21509182.jpg)
Ah, I love it when men who have ever had contact with women talk about women.
My favorite.

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:03:16 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146123 del
(223.30 KB 667x375 neopets-sheep-c-149.png)
>hey think what they write about is the absolute truth!
Scott often explicitly indicate the epistemic status of his posts.


Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:04:07 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146124 del
(200.53 KB 1449x2048 1612193196027.jpg)
nnnoooooo, badfox just grew up in a strange place.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:05:53 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146126 del
(58.91 KB 454x1280 EpYSDB4UcAARyZM.jpg)
I don't watch streams.
Thatps what serial murders say too. Not a justification then and not one now.
Stop trying to defend what cannot be defended.

fleur.chan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:06:08 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146127 del
(95.92 KB 327x300 mtr_1621432189102.png)
K den
That doesn't always work out either, murder suicide happens more than people think. America isn't a country that lends itself to trad women. I laugh so hard when I see someone like a Catholic larping as trad, hoping to get some meal ticket.

Also drain your sanity, you forgot wallet.
So, I grew up differently. Most of the girlfriends I had weren't from here. Last one was from Kanagawa perfecture, grew up doing Karate. Over there it's like boxing here, they break bones. Anyway, one day some karen walked up and said why can't she get one of her own? Gee, my white ass was raised by a parent who's not even from here but of course women here, esp. white women do tend to act like karens.

Women here remind me why I'm glad I'm bi, would rather take it up the ass than dirty my hands with their kind. Also pleases me when I think how my Hawaiian/Asian cousins kids run circles around kids here academically. Kids here are like their parents, they expect society to wipe their ass.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:07:56 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146128 del
(505.04 KB 720x720 image.png)
Perhaps, badfox is a serial killer?
There was a graveyard next to my house where I grew up!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:10:08 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146129 del
I'm aware!
There's a lot of crazy people out there!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:10:18 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146130 del
(353.69 KB 1117x825 1467508860439.jpg)
"Who’s happier: a millionaire with a loving family who lives in a beautiful mansion in the forest and spends all his time hiking and surfing and playing with his kids? Or a prisoner in a maximum security jail with chronic pain? If we can all agree on the millionaire – and who wouldn’t? – happiness has to at least sort of be a real concept."

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:11:45 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146131 del
(110.74 KB 602x904 2008-12-03-127934.jpeg)
Well, speaking of yourself in third person does make you look like a murderer.
You sound dangerously misogynistic, you know.
Anecdotal experiences cannot be used to judge what all women are

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:12:47 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146132 del
>diatribes about Nascar fans!
He didn't make a *diatribe* against NASCAR fans though!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:13:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146133 del
(113.35 KB 236x236 image.png)
There was even a large wiccan community where I lived and the the cemetery had a house built on top of it which resulted in the movie Poltergeist!

fleur.chan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:14:43 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146134 del
(380.17 KB 492x514 1626644504157.png)
About to be even more, I'm sitting back and enjoying the decline.
And you sound entitled. Your point?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:14:56 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146135 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:20:34 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146136 del
(108.91 KB 236x189 image.png)
His prose is rusty!
He needs less tangents and he needs to be more concise with his arguments! Nietzsche does a really good job of critiquing Spinozan ethics for example! Quick and concise, everyone should right like Nietzsche!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:21:24 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146137 del
(97.26 KB 900x794 8304690.jpg)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:23:33 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146138 del
>He needs less tangents and he needs to be more concise with his arguments!
Eh, I enjoy reading his long-winded posts.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:25:32 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146140 del
(251.54 KB 257x497 rin.PNG)
This seems vindictive and spiteful!
Plus, he of all people should know that giving antipsychotics to a not psychotic person is a bad idea!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:27:30 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146141 del
(203.86 KB 424x600 1613270573403.jpg)
ffiiiinnnneeeeee, since I read Scott.
You have to read Beyond Good and Evil!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:28:15 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146142 del
>This seems vindictive and spiteful!
>Plus, he of all people should know that giving antipsychotics to a not psychotic person is a bad idea!
You didn't actually read the part that I quoted!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:29:20 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146143 del
(7.44 MB 4862x3480 84525342_p0.jpg)
It's a lot of reading and I'm watching a video!

fleur.chan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:32:58 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146144 del
(11.10 KB 480x360 hqdefault (1).jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=9xSS5rAO2RE [Embed]

Love this song.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:41:31 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146145 del
(258.59 KB 1075x1518 87379110_p5.jpg)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:43:12 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146146 del
(103.11 KB 900x506 8661246.jpg)
transu-ratu, pureasu whitu man

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:44:24 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146147 del
(3.83 MB 1080x1728 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:46:23 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146148 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QhrJK3SUBE8 [Embed]

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:48:09 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146149 del
>301 pages
I'll read it eventually.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:48:54 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146150 del
(142.29 KB 1080x1080 1546348441291.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:49:19 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146151 del
(684.32 KB 828x1472 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:49:38 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146152 del
pugs are cute.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:51:47 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146153 del
Don't be a misogynist.
Being entitled is unrelated.
Surprised you didnt end up believing in such things

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:52:46 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146154 del
(465.27 KB 1920x1357 1612319610331.jpg)
Be nice~
Were you a wiccan?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:54:27 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146155 del
Response like that makes me laugh even harder when consequences happen to entitled idiots.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:55:08 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146156 del
(293.11 KB 500x666 EpY8DyeU8AMYn47.png)
>Be nice~
I am not being mean to you. I am just saying that its surprising you didn't believe in Wiccan things, seeing as you grew up close to them.

And I obviously wasnt.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:55:08 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146157 del
(36.32 KB 326x326 dog.jpg)

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:56:03 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146158 del
I hate the passive-aggressive game. I am not understanding anything anyone is posting.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:57:28 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146159 del
Fox is a funky monkey.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:59:16 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146160 del
(90.88 KB 453x339 1612408383135.png)
Being a wiccan and into witchcraft is possibly the most chunniest thing you can do. Was it was always cringe and the people that practiced wicca are massive dorks.
I never cared and my dad was too busy showing me how to cook pine bark!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:59:18 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146161 del
Maybe things are different in Peru vs America?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 00:59:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146162 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=YGEgpY1yin4 [Embed]

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:01:13 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146163 del
(13.86 KB 440x492 jahy-1540516657146.png)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:01:49 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146164 del
(165.06 KB 1200x1167 6939184.jpg)
Wicky wicky Fox is a sickie.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:01:56 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146165 del
(283.25 KB 374x534 17707863.png)
>Tell someone he's being awfully misogynistic
He was being the literal dictionary definition of misogynist.
"a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women."
A what now.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:03:14 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146167 del
(276.96 KB 1752x2556 ES7ZL03UYAAx44M.jpg)

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:03:50 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146168 del
(326.39 KB 797x1024 1581828312228.jpg)
OK how did you expect anyone here to know that term.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:04:12 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146169 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:06:12 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146170 del
I was going to teach you if you didn't know!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:06:48 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146171 del
(940.62 KB 1397x1003 2019-09-29 02.11.52.jpg)
Fox was going to teach me Mandarin once.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:06:52 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146172 del
(154.24 KB 1280x905 1613064667488.jpg)
Feeling okay?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:07:39 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146173 del
OK well let's go back to the convo at hand.
No I was never a wiccan. My cringe back then was pretty low-key.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:08:42 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146174 del
(940.62 KB 1397x1003 2019-09-29 02.11.52.jpg)
I already finished that, you triple-nigger. Not letting you know what I'm reading next.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:09:26 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146175 del
(773.28 KB 1090x1090 81532933_p0.png)
What about being a Satanist?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:09:55 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146176 del
(420.06 KB 1448x2048 1613042077582.jpg)
Power misses you~

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:10:30 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146177 del
Nothing like that. I wasn't even an emo.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:10:31 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146178 del
(2.31 MB 1191x1684 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:11:10 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146179 del
(183.38 KB 1280x720 1612443136112.jpg)
What did you do as a kid?!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:11:51 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146180 del

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:12:02 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146181 del
(38.34 KB 640x360 snail_slime_facial.jpg)
I remmeber when you had two snails having sex in your hands!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:12:28 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146182 del
(709.75 KB 790x1100 15579520.jpg)
Play Neopets.
I just played Neopets.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:12:36 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146183 del
(221.87 KB 695x394 1612866745991.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:13:07 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146184 del
That's depressing!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:13:12 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146185 del
You need to let go such memories.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:15:05 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146186 del
(1.57 MB 990x1124 image.png)
(658.97 KB 855x517 image.png)

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:15:09 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146187 del
(1.64 MB 1000x1500 15579502.png)
Hey at the very least I can look back and not cringe.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:17:22 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146188 del
(108.91 KB 236x189 image.png)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:20:09 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146189 del
(156.06 KB 500x280 45h76h5.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:23:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146190 del
(756.28 KB 1280x720 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:25:20 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146192 del

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:28:37 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146193 del

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:29:59 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146194 del
(73.10 KB 1104x1000 pup4g9d138s51.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:30:26 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146195 del
(987.74 KB 799x1090 71973469_p0.png)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=SQ8o0aiBLl4 [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:31:02 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146196 del
Thing Hing>others

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:46:29 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146197 del
It's annoying how SJWs assume that anyone who thinks that genetics explains a non-negligible portion of the gap in average IQ between whites and blacks is racist. It is perfectly possible to believe scientifically in evolution/genetics and also oppose racial discrimination.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:50:32 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146198 del
What do you think of corn?

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:52:11 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146199 del
Corn is a plant? It does not make sense to ask about the IQ of corn!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:52:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146200 del
mmm, I think some plants have an IQ!

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:55:40 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146201 del
Racial collectivism and identity politics are a pox on humanity.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 01:56:45 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146202 del
(101.30 KB 274x184 image.png)
But plants are racial collectivist!

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:01:49 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146203 del
Broccoli and cauliflower are the same species.

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:06:27 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146204 del
There are very many cultivars of Brassica oleracea

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:11:27 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146205 del
What's your opinion of micronutrients?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:17:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146206 del
(398.54 KB 835x634 image.png)

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:18:57 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146207 del
I think that modern agricultural techniques produce foods that lack sufficient micronutrients.

What do you think about Neo-Marxist transgender lobsters ?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:19:57 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146208 del
Sounds like video related!
https://youtube.com/watch?v=o5RYGNwSOpY [Embed]

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:27:36 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146209 del
(179.21 KB 784x794 police dog cat.jpg)
Have you listened to any of Jordan Peterson's lectures or read any of his books?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:28:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146210 del
(102.88 KB 850x1028 1611713877967.jpg)
I thought we talked about that!

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:31:37 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146211 del
My memory isn't very good.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:33:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146212 del
(201.72 KB 688x971 image.png)
What do you think of soil microbes?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:36:05 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146213 del
Neither is Fox's.

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:36:27 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146214 del
I don't think the Jordan Peterson talks very much about soil microbes.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:38:33 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146215 del
(174.86 KB 717x1012 image.png)
Seems that's beyond his expertise.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:38:57 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146216 del
(384.07 KB 600x564 1561609160180.png)
Coo coo ka choo,
I hate the Jew.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:40:13 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146217 del
(180.38 KB 688x971 image.png)
Watch Pricon!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:42:55 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146218 del
"the Jew" implies one singular Jew.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:43:43 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146219 del
(303.83 KB 722x768 32 - 5HqKvn9.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:45:46 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146220 del
(90.88 KB 453x339 1612408383135.png)
Not that Pricon!
Princess Connect ReDive!!

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:49:09 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146221 del
(38.36 KB 480x360 1629378059617.jpg)
Prions are perhaps even more dangerous than the Chinese Coronavirus. If we don't find a good way of neutralizing them, they might wipe out the deer population.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:51:58 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146222 del
(515.29 KB 962x1200 image.png)
What does Chain think about carnivorous mushrooms?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:53:51 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146223 del
Well shit, cunt, use the actual name for whatever you wanted to show me next time.
>Watch Pricon!
No. Is this character from that?
He thinks they're cool.

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:54:06 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146224 del
I wonder if there are any of them in Finland. Also nice trips!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:54:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146225 del
(857.87 KB 1200x836 image.png)
It's good!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:57:36 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146226 del
(319.60 KB 1219x833 76fe12_7479489.jpg)
Is it an isekai?

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:58:52 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146228 del
Do you know anything about the pharmacokinetics of hydrochlorothiazide?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 02:58:59 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146229 del
(839.91 KB 1200x672 image.png)
It's a native isekai like .hack, SAO, Log Horizon!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:01:03 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146230 del
I've got that on my external HDD to eventually watch in bed.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:01:44 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146231 del
(515.29 KB 962x1200 image.png)
Muffin Kitty needs to take away Chain's computer.

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:02:22 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146232 del
I am phone now. I am lying on bed.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:02:28 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146233 del
(223.11 KB 400x646 EpY88xWUwAEWKET.png)
The woes of autism.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:03:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146234 del
(1.49 MB 903x1200 image.png)
What about Stalker?

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:04:25 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146235 del
Pharmacodynamics of phenylpiracetam!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:04:30 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146236 del
(600.46 KB 962x1200 image.png)
Where do you get all this info about pharmacology?
Does he get sour if you interrupt him?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:05:28 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146237 del
Stalking is a crime.

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:05:28 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146238 del
What do you think about neo Marxist transgender lobsters?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:05:33 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146239 del
(279.83 KB 600x522 EpY8F3DVoAEuLma.png)
Interrupting him in the afternoon is possible but at this time his meds wear off and he gets jumpy.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:06:50 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146240 del
See what I mean?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:06:53 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146241 del
(515.29 KB 962x1200 image.png)
Not the movie~
Now, why haven't you finished it?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:07:43 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146242 del
(1.23 MB 872x1200 image.png)

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:09:01 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146243 del
>Where do you get all this info about pharmacology?
Papers that I find via Google Scholar. Also data submitted by the manufacturer to the FDA.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:09:11 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146244 del
I haven't started it.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:09:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146245 del
(180.38 KB 688x971 image.png)
What did you think of the Matrix Trilogy!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:10:12 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146246 del
(537.62 KB 900x1200 image.png)
why not start today?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:10:56 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146247 del
(377.30 KB 1388x2048 4720z0yyt8i41.jpg)
Because today is maybe possibly perhaps for Mushishi.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:11:03 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146248 del
>characterized by abrupt stops and starts or an irregular course.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:12:20 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146249 del
(2.60 MB 2560x1440 78744211_p1.png)
Sounds like you're procrastinating!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:12:47 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146250 del
(77.09 KB 850x604 7687644.jpg)
I bet Chain can jump really high.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:13:40 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146251 del
(2.19 MB 1200x901 image.png)
I thought you meant jumpy as in paranoid!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:15:14 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146252 del
(182.28 KB 1200x839 1569190504337-3.jpg)
How high do you think he can jump? Or do you think he's more of a long jumper?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:15:43 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146253 del
*acquires image*

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:16:33 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146254 del
(297.70 KB 1132x1200 image.png)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=uXEUW792etk [Embed]

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:18:24 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146255 del
That did NOT answer my question, Foxworth.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:19:51 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146256 del
(658.01 KB 1200x1159 image.png)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=XooISvoZ_rs [Embed]

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:20:55 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146257 del
(32.23 KB 240x240 17781501.png)
He IS pretty paranoid too, tho. But that's unrelated to everything.
Silly you. Adults can't jump.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:22:01 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146258 del
(340.93 KB 932x733 85995245_p0.png)
How do you distract him?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:22:02 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146259 del
(66.24 KB 554x854 Dkp5DknU4AAo2t7.jpg)
Sir Foxworth Humplebottom, Esq.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:22:34 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146260 del
(999.26 KB 868x1200 image.png)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:22:47 Id: 386f8c [Preview] No.146261 del
Why are you posting matrix clips?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:24:07 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146262 del
(187.50 KB 811x1200 1609478188076.jpg)
You don't like the Matrix?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:24:44 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146263 del
(135.55 KB 1280x720 tsukihi-1454620872904.jpg)
In my line of work (computer security), you kinda have to be a bit paranoid. All it takes is one coding mistake for the Chinese and Russian cyberattackers to hack you!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:26:19 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146264 del
The first movie was excellent! The 2nd and 3rd were okay.

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:27:51 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146265 del
I wonder how people figure out which muffins are edible and which are poisonous. I imagine and lot of trial and error, where error often means death.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:28:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146266 del
(692.59 KB 861x1200 86090265_p0.jpg)
We pretend that the only thing about the 2nd and 3rd movies where the fight scenes and music. The rest can be discarded!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:28:54 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146267 del
I think it's largely off of which ones animals eat!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:29:11 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146268 del
(85.55 KB 720x720 1628105056361.jpg)
I like women, just not the entitled ones.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:32:03 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146269 del
(90.52 KB 633x1000 13042510.jpg)
I don't. Trust me.
I would be more scared of the USA hackers.
You meant "I like women. As long as they are submissive and SHUT THE FUCK UP when I am talking to. And STAY IN THE KITCHEN LIKE A WOMAN SHOULD".

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:33:30 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146270 del
(1.40 MB 2048x2048 01d511_8217056.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:33:47 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146271 del
(146.40 KB 340x383 1612651994012.png)
Also, be nice to fluer.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:35:32 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146273 del
(186.11 KB 1680x1732 E9opdajVoAQPDzr.jpg)
What did Foxworth have for dinner?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:35:42 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146274 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=o65AwJcNu5Q [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:36:22 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146275 del
(168.29 KB 698x1000 1611808813484.jpg)
What did you eat for breakfast?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:36:45 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146276 del
(491.69 KB 1536x2048 1621470009567.jpg)
Ahh, this is why if I saw a karen about to be harmed by thugs I'd keep on walking.
Teehee, let her rage.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:37:20 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146277 del
(2.63 MB 2894x4093 1600605351005.jpg)
Nothing. Having fish, steamed veggies and brown rice for lunch.

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:37:58 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146278 del
(441.27 KB 1920x1282 1621801721766.jpg)

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:39:09 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146279 del
(10.03 KB 185x273 check em.jpg)
Has he considered being nice to women instead?
Yeah she probably isn't a submissive creature like the BASED Asian women. Now THOSE know their place!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:39:14 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146280 del
(149.57 KB 600x800 image.png)
You two are silly.
You have to go to work in morning no?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:40:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146281 del
(129.93 KB 600x770 image.png)
So healthy!
What snacks do you eat?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:41:47 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146282 del
We're all women here~
I bet Fleur is submissive and likes to cook food~

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:42:21 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146283 del
(415.55 KB 1280x720 1619488883073.jpg)
Ohh boy dat racism. Didn't Peru elect a Japanese to run the place again?
Nope, work evenings.
I am waiting to see how nurses get screwed over in a few years.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:42:26 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146284 del
(355.54 KB 2048x2048 1629693009263.jpg)
I try not to. I had about half a kilo of dried apricots a couple of days ago though.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:42:47 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146285 del
(566.38 KB 848x1200 21509119.png)
I thought you had a neckbeard?
That is it. Add me on Discord and show me a pic of you. Curiosity is killing me.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:43:28 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146286 del
(386.11 KB 1447x1775 E9tkaQIUUAwKeJi.jpg)
I vaguely remember us talking about your doing a nursing course.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:43:33 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146287 del
(147.29 KB 600x800 image.png)
The news is depressing.
Have you looked into tiny homes?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:43:53 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146288 del
I'm not the one posting Asian women.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:45:07 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146289 del
(170.31 KB 600x800 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:46:34 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146290 del
(90.88 KB 453x339 1612408383135.png)
Aussie anon and Fleur have seen me!
Ask them!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:47:32 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146291 del
(31.90 KB 500x500 tay.jpg)
>Didn't Peru elect a Japanese to run the place again?
Oh yeah, Alberto Fujimori! And his daughter ran this year but unfortunately lost to a fucking commie.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:47:44 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146292 del
The bit of your scrotum sticking out in that dress that Sp*c showed me doesn't count.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:49:18 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146293 del
(146.40 KB 340x383 1612651994012.png)
It does too!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:50:57 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146294 del
(862.69 KB 772x674 1622210395958.png)
In it now, it's hell.
I know admins are pissed as hell over a lot of them quitting, going agency/travel etc. I have, thing is zoning laws. That's why I was thinking off grid. Everywhere I look I see roads getting worse except in the super expensive areas of town. Even then, I doubt that will last much longer, they don't want to pay construction people anything and if they have actual skill they can just leave and go to areas with higher wages, usually IT heavy areas in the West Coast. The USA fucked up, I figure most folks can't really live rural, with good schools becoming even more far and few in between I figure if I live someplace remote enough I'll be fine.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:51:02 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146295 del
(66.44 KB 783x1219 EpaNjVTXcAI-Tku.jpg)
Fujimori was a dictator, too. He stayed many years in office.
Why not just show me?
That doesn't bode well.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:51:08 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146296 del
(1020.58 KB 500x281 33LhjhT.gif)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:54:20 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146297 del
(2.96 MB 563x1000 1618596607781.webm)
Crap, thought the daugher won. I can get the appeal but unless the country is unified Communism almost never works. Hell, China is only communist on paper. God I love their propaganda tho.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=MGVxHmxEf9E [Embed]

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 03:54:24 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146298 del
(3.86 KB 250x250 flat-lives-matter.png)
Department of Finlandology and Pharmacogenomics

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:01:05 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146299 del
People voted for the commie because Fujimori's dictatorship left a sour taste on most people's mouth.
TO most, this was a "two evil" conundrum.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:02:22 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146300 del
(214.45 KB 524x862 image.png)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:07:00 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146301 del
(45.48 KB 500x500 E9s8kD0VcAsPx03.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:08:06 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146302 del
(152.14 KB 768x1024 image.png)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=2fUGvc30IUw [Embed]

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:08:27 Id: 18950d [Preview] No.146303 del
Shit times all over I see. Think about the only place left in the world that isn't as shitty, parts of E.Asia. Maybe a few Euro countries.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:11:01 Id: 4fc2bc [Preview] No.146304 del
(186.77 KB 1398x2048 EdiBc0hUcAAOkIo.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=rGGdpobz9I4 [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:16:30 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146305 del
(393.81 KB 849x1200 image.png)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=91-DUhmDMcQ [Embed]

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:18:05 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146306 del
(72.03 KB 287x344 1422083465217.gif)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:19:47 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146307 del
(278.05 KB 640x480 vlcsnap-95734.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:20:08 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146308 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QKMWQTE9bpc [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:29:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146310 del
What do you think of phenomenology of Ontology?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:40:38 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146311 del
(97.88 KB 561x800 rene.jpg)
Cogito Ergo Sum!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:42:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146312 del
(5.39 MB 1280x1777 image.png)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:47:21 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146313 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:48:18 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146315 del
(999.26 KB 868x1200 image.png)
do you like kemono?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:48:48 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146316 del
(57.65 KB 1024x576 1480392547144.jpg)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:49:41 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146317 del
I want MuffinKitty to wear a kimono, but she says she doesn't want to!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:51:15 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146318 del
She can wear one!
She needs a buttplug first!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:51:20 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146319 del
(203.74 KB 802x1617 1349412.jpg)
I will wear one if you finally get me the credit card!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:52:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146320 del
(515.11 KB 768x768 image.png)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:53:27 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146321 del
(13.86 KB 440x492 jahy-1540516657146.png)
First I want pic of you wearing the cat ears and tail that I bought yuo months ago!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:58:27 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146322 del
(101.40 KB 500x710 874.jpg)
I cannot take them when I am not looking well and in a private setting! Dummy!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 04:59:21 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146323 del
"I think we all owe the Wuhan wet markets an apology"

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:00:51 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146324 del
(137.73 KB 600x423 image.png)
Corona virus is banned!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:01:14 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146325 del
(582.96 KB 900x721 image.png)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:02:26 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146326 del
(327.59 KB 1480x1556 6b2.png)
>Corona virus is banned!
The only way to ban the virus is for everyone to get vaccinated.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:04:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146327 del
(180.04 KB 400x568 image.png)
I hereby banish all corona viral vectors!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:06:57 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146328 del
(591.33 KB 1181x1440 cross-scalar-vector.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:08:31 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146329 del
(141.32 KB 600x550 image.png)
There is no such thing as fact.
Especially, here.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:17:39 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146330 del
(152.37 KB 400x568 image.png)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:17:42 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146331 del
(239.77 KB 1200x900 sleepy.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:19:12 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146332 del
(590.87 KB 843x1200 image.png)
so soon moo?

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:32:55 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146333 del
(88.45 KB 282x282 sleepy Kanna.png)
Don't forget to read the whole thing when you get a chance! The guy was suffering from full-blown schizophrenia and had been committed to a mental hospital.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:34:14 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146334 del
(195.87 KB 600x423 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 05:36:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146335 del
(993.15 KB 850x1200 image.png)

Giza Mass Autism Array 09/06/2021 (Mon) 12:33:24 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146336 del
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure."

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 14:38:24 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146337 del
(590.87 KB 843x1200 image.png)
Sounds like you want to be on the FBI watch list moo!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 14:39:54 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146338 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 14:41:15 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146339 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ul5P-JHv1wI [Embed]

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 14:51:26 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146340 del
Haha, so true xD

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 14:52:21 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146341 del
Do you not like Ksononair?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:05:04 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146343 del
Idk what that is

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:06:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146344 del
I liked the channel!

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:10:52 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146345 del
I thought you were asking if I liked it, my bad

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:11:30 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146346 del
Foxworth, kookaburras https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJwJPdWJ/

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:14:20 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146347 del
Your day is almost over.
What will you do?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:19:02 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146348 del
It new day

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:20:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146349 del
uh huh, what's the plan?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:25:18 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146350 del
In bef

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:25:42 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146351 del

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:42:36 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146352 del

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:48:55 Id: 01367e [Preview] No.146353 del
(76.03 KB 640x1033 z4elbn52qcly.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 15:51:21 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146354 del
(691.59 KB 782x866 image.png)

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 16:15:59 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146355 del

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 17:15:57 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146356 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:34:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146357 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:39:15 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146358 del
(387.72 KB 669x805 image.png)

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:40:37 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146359 del
>tfw the chinks made Tiktok to spy on the West and all they got was niggers, traps, and cringe.

Mikan using Brave like normalfag 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:41:58 Id: 4cc642 [Preview] No.146360 del
other browser test...

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:42:34 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146361 del
(454.74 KB 850x1202 image.png)
Mikan is a chink.

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:42:43 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146362 del
So you're on it?

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:43:23 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146363 del
This was Librewolf

This was Brave.

Two different ids, two different flags. Weird. Might have to do with Librewolf disabling IPv6.

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:44:20 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146364 del
>Implying I'm a bugman.
WTF r u on, Badfox?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:46:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146365 del
How do WE know that though?
Besides, you join the antivaxx protest yesterday?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:52:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146366 del
(226.37 KB 960x551 image.png)

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:54:09 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146367 del
I'm Dutch for one.
I didn't join, I didn't want to be put on a watch list. Besides, I'm in Rotterdam.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:56:07 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146368 del
They have watch lists in Holland?
Sounds like the US!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:58:54 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146369 del
(138.54 KB 556x460 jahy_1630107340909.jpg)
Do you have any antibodies to the Chinese Virus?


Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:01:02 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146370 del
(835.33 KB 850x602 image.png)
Noooo, but, what is your opinion of neodymium magnets in a step up transformer?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:01:54 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146371 del
(10.34 KB 480x360 dog-on-toilet.jpg)
How hard is it to teach a dog to poo in the loo?

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:02:31 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146372 del
depends if the dog is indian or not

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:03:40 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146373 del
(316.50 KB 750x900 drunk_mikan.jpg)
Did Hu miss me?

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:04:20 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146374 del

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:05:00 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146375 del
(175.26 KB 1200x1200 1445804461801.jpg)
Well at the rate things are going, you're going to end up with them sooner or later, either via getting infected or by getting vaccinated.

>what is your opinion of neodymium magnets
They're really nifty! I've used them to mount a mirror to my bedroom door. (The door is metal.)

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:06:57 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146376 del
Hug. I go back to classes tomorrow. Nervous af.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:07:27 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146377 del
What the hey do you have a metal door for?!

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:07:31 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146378 del
all the faggots at uni making you so?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:09:39 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146379 del
(516.49 KB 872x720 anime-girl-shrug.png)
>What the hey do you have a metal door for?!
The building was apparently built during a time period when this was the local fashion.

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:12:00 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146380 del
Pretty much. Also, worried about classes as usual. It also feels so pointless with everything is in lock down thanks to jews and idiot politicians.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:14:42 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146381 del
(868.10 KB 850x1202 image.png)
You live in an old building like Mikan and Hu do!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:15:56 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146382 del
(797.99 KB 850x638 image.png)
Mikan in the middle
Badfox on the left
Hu on the right

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:18:05 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146383 del
Being opened back up is just as bad in many ways.
>complaints about people not wearing masks in public
>one month later
>travel with public transit without a mask despite coughing loudly everywhere

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:21:35 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146384 del
People suck in general. They should only reopen to right whites and Japanese. All of this lock down shit could have been prevented if people weren't so quick to dismiss hydroxychloroquine and now, ivermectin.

Just big pharma jews wanting to get people hooked on vaccines and vaccine booster shots. Also, decreasing the population.

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:22:41 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146385 del
except "whites" are no better, dummy. Take your meds

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:23:28 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146386 del
(1.20 MB 820x1160 image.png)
That's right, Holland was bombed during WW2. How old is your apartment anyways?

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:25:38 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146387 del
Race traitor.

We deserved it. I'm not in an apartment.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:26:20 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146388 del
(835.33 KB 850x602 image.png)

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:27:50 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146389 del
I go outside. I'm seen plenty to judge~

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:29:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146390 del
(408.50 KB 473x263 1484106392_candyboy.gif)

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:31:08 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146391 del
Stop hanging around liberal communist race traitor whites and jews, faggot.

Small, but functional

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:33:00 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146392 del
so basically move out of the EU and US, got it.
Wait... no place left then, oh no

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:33:42 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146393 del
You can be white and not be a liberal you know. The alternative: Learn Japanese?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:36:12 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146394 del
Hu is actually a communist and secretly in a relationship with machi.

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:36:32 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146395 del
yep, but none left here

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:37:23 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146396 del
More reason to cuck him.

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:38:23 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146397 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:38:29 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146398 del
T-That means we have to get married!
So conflicting!

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:39:54 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146399 del
With you? Never!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:40:19 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146400 del
(132.84 KB 408x338 1592261756623.jpg)
You're too racist for the likes of Machi. Even is ironic.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:41:39 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146401 del
BRB, shopping for wedding dresses for Mikan!

Mikan 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:45:39 Id: 1c5125 [Preview] No.146402 del
>.> why do I even post here....?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:47:22 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146403 del
(358.69 KB 500x666 image.png)
>You right now
Because you love us.

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:48:18 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146404 del

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:48:36 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146405 del
cute Mikan

#Hupony 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:50:29 Id: 227bb2 [Preview] No.146406 del

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:58:34 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146407 del
(341.27 KB 600x847 1537531026364.png)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 19:59:02 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146408 del
(946.29 KB 760x1080 1477875558652.png)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:00:04 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146409 del
(343.15 KB 772x1606 ef tan clear.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:05:36 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146411 del
(310.68 KB 580x640 image.png)
Well, what movie would you want remade with an all female cast chain?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:05:48 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146412 del
>What movie do you want to see the all-female reboot of?
Yuru Yuri! (nothing changes!)

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:06:33 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146413 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:07:40 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146414 del
(575.60 KB 1200x907 image.png)
Movie dummy!

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:20:29 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146416 del
(46.81 KB 590x251 E-n8GYKWQAQpHKw.png)
There was a Yuri Yuri movie!
YuruYuri Nachuyachumi! (ゆるゆり なちゅやちゅみ!, YuruYuri Summer Vacation!) was screened in five theaters in Japan on November 29, 2014


Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 20:22:55 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146417 del
No Covid!
It's illegal remember?
What do you think of Kant?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:31:03 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146418 del
(1.03 MB 1349x2000 819e1a_7675326.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:35:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146419 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=3NXAM8fbDUE [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:38:55 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146420 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=AzHj2Azws8M [Embed]

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:42:31 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146421 del
(1.41 MB 1621x1633 622864_7967292.png)
He's like a cat.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:44:40 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146422 del
Would you destroy a TV?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:51:27 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146423 del
(33.30 MB 3600x6400 69f274_7871339.png)
An old one that I find at the dump, yeah.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:52:44 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146424 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=cfLX_s8bsfE [Embed]

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:57:46 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146425 del
(1.09 MB 250x294 disgust.gif)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:58:27 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146426 del

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 21:59:36 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146427 del
(234.32 KB 900x1083 8819133.jpg)
What did Foxworth do today?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:04:46 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146428 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:06:06 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146429 del
Nothing too much, watching Trailer Park Boys and doing research?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:10:18 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146430 del
(224.93 KB 900x1273 8088838.jpg)
About to go grocery shopping, I need smoked paprika. What are you researching?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:13:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146431 del
Sounds painful!
I'm researching a position for this upcoming interview.

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:16:48 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146432 del
(379.16 KB 1400x989 005c32_8423417.jpg)
Good luck with it, when is it?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:19:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146433 del
Wednesday at 13:00.
What does a trailer park in Australia look like?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:23:38 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146434 del
I don't know, closest I've seen are the family-oriented holiday ones and they range from slightly above average to really cool.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:27:07 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146435 del
Some are pretty comfy.
I think they just get a bad rap. Would you live in a double wide?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:27:36 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146436 del
(146.33 KB 700x878 7687204.jpg)
My town actually has the kind you're thinking of though, its... not nice looking. They have a pool with a broken fence they haven't repaired since it was damaged in a cyclone (7 years ago).

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:28:54 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146437 del
Your arse is a double wide. But yeah, I would if it was nice.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:30:04 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146438 del
(457.71 KB 510x680 image.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:36:41 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146439 del
Some places next to where I live look like something out of a 3rd world country.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:42:15 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146440 del

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:42:43 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146441 del
What do you think of Substack ?

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:42:53 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146442 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:44:26 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146443 del
I don't know too much about it.
Seems good if you're a comic book pro.

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:45:47 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146444 del
I read Astral Codex Ten (ACX) on it.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:47:34 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146445 del
Are you reading any manga lately?

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 22:59:15 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146446 del
Nope, in fact I have never read a mango.

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 23:08:32 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146447 del
That's a mortal sin!

Sweetie#badfox 09/06/2021 (Mon) 23:50:59 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146448 del

Suomi 09/06/2021 (Mon) 23:55:28 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146449 del
What do you think will happen on 19 January 2038 ?

百合 09/06/2021 (Mon) 23:57:51 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146451 del
(1.65 MB 1382x2048 47e9a3_8271462.png)
>Some places next to where I live look like something out of a 3rd world country.
Same. Everywhere has poorer areas that suffer from bucket of crabs syndrome, it's really depressing to think about.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:00:00 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146452 del
Same here.
This movie I'm watching is interesting.
Did you know that a platinum arowana costs $400k?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:04:44 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146453 del
Probably not! What happens is that 32-bit Unix time_t overflows. Expect glitches in old computer systems.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:05:02 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146454 del
(5.08 MB 1809x3088 bdceec_8352029.png)
Is platinum really that expensive?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:06:31 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146455 del
Sounds like Y2K fear mongering!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:08:40 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146456 del
Don't know, personally I want a stingray. Freshwater ones are beautiful.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:31:05 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146457 del
Those semi dried tomatoes were a bit vinegar-y.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:37:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146458 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:37:51 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146459 del
(133.69 KB 900x1229 8871754.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4qMcCXOnEYY [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:39:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146460 del
(944.97 KB 2183x3056 1585874897269.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=L0M3PuiOvGM [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 00:50:23 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146461 del
(529.63 KB 731x762 image.png)
>murder someone
>claim that you can never get caught
B-But, you murdered him in the manager's office.............I get the girls are your sex slave cult. But what about customers and cameras?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:02:07 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146462 del
(38.63 KB 374x374 1 - D8CRtMS.jpg)
Haha, yeah.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:03:25 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146463 del
(270.54 KB 740x370 image.png)
They have a pet alligator.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:07:59 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146464 del
(3.51 MB 2536x1227 2f8f8aerfls61.jpg)
You're a pet alligator.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:21:39 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146465 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:37:46 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146466 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:40:43 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146467 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:41:48 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146468 del
(299.76 KB 1448x2048 1581628849233.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:46:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146470 del
There's a cockroach under the trashcan.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:49:23 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146471 del
(562.83 KB 956x956 1612267916021.jpg)
Why did you let a T*rk into your house?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:50:24 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146472 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:52:26 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146473 del
(45.48 KB 500x500 E9s8kD0VcAsPx03.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 01:53:21 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146474 del
Reheating chicken in the oven seems like a pain.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:09:12 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146475 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:12:59 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146476 del
(1.79 MB 2771x1641 1604005718015.jpg)
It shouldn't hurt.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:14:33 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146477 del
Opted for the microwave instead.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:21:15 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146478 del
(531.57 KB 1537x1810 91464425_p0.jpg)
FFIX time, at this rate I might finish it before the decade is out.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:29:28 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146479 del
(65.54 KB 768x768 1583288766482.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=_tcSn1iGt0U [Embed]

Music ­ Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:29:40 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146480 del
(168.87 KB 935x717 def-music.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:31:01 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146481 del

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:45:13 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146482 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:46:11 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146483 del
That's a little silly!

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:47:36 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146484 del
(76.70 KB 850x362 1610174327671.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 02:49:14 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146485 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:06:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146486 del

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:14:25 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146487 del
(1.03 MB 938x1658 1622946317511.jpg)
What layout are you using now? I like NaggerDeath becaue the font is bigger.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:17:46 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146488 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:22:59 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146489 del
(155.95 KB 1569x883 0c8.jpg)
I'm sad now....

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:27:52 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146490 del
(150.01 KB 1280x720 Azurea-Juncture_4.jpg)
Okay, badfox needs to stay away from Korean and Japanese thrillers. They're not good for me.

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:41:36 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146491 del
(64.26 KB 575x551 owe-world-finland.png)

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:42:03 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146492 del
(164.58 KB 408x408 fluf-thread.png)
How fluffy is too muffin?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:45:11 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146493 del
(466.94 KB 1280x2000 1398174505262.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 03:47:10 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146494 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:05:23 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146495 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:10:48 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146496 del
(121.47 KB 850x994 1609809397328.jpg)

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:11:50 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146497 del
(46.28 KB 956x960 1599193097134.jpg)
"EDIT: This is the most controversial post I have ever written in ten years of blogging. I wrote it because I was very angry at a specific incident. I stand by a lot of it, but if somebody links you here saying “HERE’S THE SORT OF GUY THIS SCOTT ALEXANDER PERSON IS, READ THIS SO YOU KNOW WHAT HIS BLOG IS REALLY ABOUT”, please read any other post instead."

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:16:11 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146498 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4JNlBctcFVw [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:17:46 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146499 del
(37.31 KB 469x354 1536115894790.jpg)
What is this one about?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:29:10 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146500 del
(31.94 KB 698x541 1621731383532.jpg)
"a ten-thousand word rant about feminism"

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:30:31 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146501 del
(97.75 KB 640x800 1614354099890.jpg)
Doesn't that seem a little trite?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:34:04 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146502 del
Scott can make any subject interesting!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:35:00 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146503 del
Chain...Why didn't Aaron just become a transsexual in order to defeat feminism?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:38:11 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146504 del
(45.71 KB 440x586 1629068030828.jpg)
I don't think transgenderism was mainstream knowledge back then.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:38:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146505 del
I don't think Aaron is a very tactful person....

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:40:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146506 del
Chain! I linked you that Transgender Empire book! You should've read it!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:44:11 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146507 del
(9.54 KB 240x402 Lobco_41.png)
So, a jew is a paranoid mess, so self-conscious of talking to girls that he asked his psychiatrist for medication to be chemically castrated?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:46:44 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146508 del
I wonder if there is any (negative) correlation between Asperger's and tact...

Empires don't have gender!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:49:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146509 del
Maybe, he has a wife and he's a PhD grad. I would suspect that he has enough tact to defend his dissertation and woo a woman into marriage. How did all this come about? Scott just said Sexual Harassment and didn't expand on the topic..

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:50:11 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146510 del
(110.74 KB 602x904 2008-12-03-127934.jpeg)
When you hate women so much that you gotta talk about feminism every day in your blog.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:53:14 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146511 del
I'm thinking that Scott has aspergers. He does some rrrreeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy bizarre things in his rants.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:54:15 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146512 del
(283.25 KB 374x534 17707863.png)
Took you THIS long to realize it?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:55:42 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146513 del
(77.17 KB 926x600 1541892355290.jpg)
Does Peru need to show voter ID to vote?

I was too paranoid/self-concious to ask out girls too. But my solution was just masturbation.

> How did all this come about?
The feminazis attacking nerdy males.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:56:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146514 del
(136.79 KB 641x458 1614733827257.png)
I asked Chain about it earlier and was told he had high verbal IQ. Eh, surely this isn't the only rationalist blog Chain reads?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:58:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146515 del
What other blogs do you read?
I would imagine SSC would be in danger of becoming antiquated!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 04:58:23 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146516 del
(3.54 KB 57x95 13119011.gif)
We have "DNI". ID cards that every citizen has.
>The feminazis attacking nerdy males.
Maybe nerdy males deserve it?
All rationalists are pretty much the same tho.

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:00:22 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146517 del
>Maybe nerdy males deserve it?
I can tell you didn't read the SSC blog post!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:00:53 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146518 del
(37.31 KB 469x354 1536115894790.jpg)
We talked about this the other day.
Read the blog post with me~

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:01:28 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146519 del
(239.77 KB 1200x900 sleepy.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:02:00 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146520 del
(123.16 KB 800x610 1614599638710.jpg)
>Posts pics of fat nerds
>It's actually Jews cartoons

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:03:09 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146521 del
(283.15 KB 980x1400 17086045.jpg)
I want to keep my reading of those things to a minimum.
I love nerds when they release they are worthless. Not when they get angsty and start ranting about feminism!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:03:37 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146522 del
I don't get what he's trying to do.....

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:04:46 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146523 del
We aren't worth it.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:09:57 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146524 del
(585.33 KB 552x787 1608002603311.png)
He's an MD.... I would suspect that he'd defend his arguments and positions rather than make pop culture quips and add neonazi memes in the middle his rant.
Maybe we just don't get it?

Suomi in bed 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:14:57 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146525 del
He talks about that later in the blog post, about similarity negatives stereotypes of nerds hence negative stereotypes of Jews.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:16:39 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146526 del
(117.53 KB 235x227 image.png)
What a uniquely Jewish thing to do!

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:17:31 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146527 del
(197.28 KB 629x800 1402810361095.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:18:21 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146528 del
(1.62 MB 848x480 1608252242960.webm)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4JNlBctcFVw [Embed]

Suomi in bed 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:18:23 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146529 del
>What other blogs do you read?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:21:35 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146530 del
(1.64 MB 975x867 1606356563577.png)
mmmm, seems like it's time for you to pick up the novel's Badfox gives you!

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:23:01 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146531 del
(1.79 MB 2771x1641 1604005718015.jpg)
She has a cute laugh. Pork ragù for dinner tonight.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:24:31 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146532 del
(263.18 KB 1280x720 1593758192228.jpg)
I think the dogs have a peeing problem.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:28:14 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146533 del
(1.36 MB 1782x1390 1624799466497.jpg)
Are they old?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:34:28 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146534 del
yes, but, it's a little more complicated than old dogs.
It's more or less a pissing contest and if one wants out, the other has to follow.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:37:48 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146536 del
(777.73 KB 1388x2075 91322813_p0.jpg)
What breeds are they?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:39:16 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146537 del
Treeing Feist and a chihuahua!

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:40:46 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146538 del
My grandparents have a Chihuahua x Jack Russel, mine is a German Shepherd x stray mutt.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:43:01 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146539 del
(72.47 KB 859x854 1597109027814.jpg)
Hating Kemono is a cardinal sin.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:49:16 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146540 del
(3.88 MB 4032x3024 20200229_162509.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:50:01 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146541 del
Looks more Jack than Chihuahua.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:52:41 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146542 del
(42.27 MB 1920x1080 20180629_152444.mp4)
The Baltic region will soon be divided by the Polish and Lithuanian regions. Soon the orthodox heresy will be nothing more than a distant memory.
I wish she was a purebred Jack Russel. They're beautiful dogs.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:53:54 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146543 del
(866.99 KB 2692x4096 Ema0nT7XYAAOtTK.jpg)
Polock, the last orthodox province has finally been converted. The conquest of Russia will begin within the coming few decades.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 05:58:42 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146544 del
(128.06 KB 225x225 image.png)

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 06:01:05 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146545 del
(854.13 KB 3132x4096 EmgD7z-XYAAyhWa.jpg)
Sleep tight.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 09:16:25 Id: 6ebdf4 [Preview] No.146546 del
(110.60 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
Waking up horny is terrible.
Fucking stress.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:00:03 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146547 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:16:32 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146548 del
(35.66 KB 246x787 1606292936317.jpg)

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:18:31 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146549 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:20:33 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146550 del
Can't sleep.
Ordered some food from Whataburger, yummy~

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:22:33 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146551 del
What's a burger?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:23:44 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146552 del
>order food at 5:22 am
Take pic.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:24:06 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146553 del
(2.02 MB 2480x3508 image.png)
Name of the restaurant is Whataburger.
Have you eaten dinner yet?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:24:35 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146554 del
Foxworth Humplebottom.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:25:14 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146555 del
Fish sandwich. In bed watching Mushishis now.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:26:18 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146556 del
I actually asked someone to pick it up at 4:25AM. It's going to be a few though.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:28:01 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146557 del
Found a cute anime for you though.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=F7bGTibgcjM [Embed]

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:29:06 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146558 del
Who did you ask?

Suomi in bed 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:29:52 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146559 del
Friedrich Nietzsche's War and Peace?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:31:05 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146560 del
(233.11 KB 592x800 1593758573760.png)

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:32:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146561 del
Better off watching the movie War and Peace. Cause the book is a snoozefest.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:34:22 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146562 del
You're a snoozefest.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:35:47 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146563 del
Fox just wanted to enjoy a succulent Chinese meal once.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:37:01 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146564 del
Can be. If I don't really care about something, I won't say a word.
Are you feeling okay?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:37:37 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146565 del
>Are you feeling okay?
*suspicion* Why do you ask?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:39:49 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146566 del
(165.56 KB 506x696 1590209639969.png)
mmm, no reason.
Did you like the tomboy thread?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:44:27 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146567 del
Didn't really look, watching Mushishi and alt+tab'ing to here.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:45:17 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146568 del
Did you like Kill la Kill?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:45:50 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146569 del
I'm liking Opera on Android better than the Android versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:47:01 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146570 del
(34.86 KB 373x521 1bqm4TfXWFgD.jpg)
>Fox just wanted to enjoy a succulent Chinese meal once.
I have never heard of Chinese meals made from succulents or cacti.

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:47:21 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146571 del
Have you tried making your own text based browser.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:50:33 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146572 del
I haven't watched it.
Have you tried Brave?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:51:05 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146573 del
I haven't

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:51:13 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146574 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:52:10 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146575 del

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 10:52:59 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146576 del
>Have you tried Brave?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 11:02:41 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146578 del
Why concern?

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 11:03:26 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146579 del
(4.00 MB 3000x2278 image.png)
You like Tomboys no?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 11:05:21 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146580 del
I lol'd.

Have you heard that fluvoxamine can help against COVID-19?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 11:06:42 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146581 del
(294.26 KB 422x600 klk.jpg)
KLK saved anime!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 11:08:40 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146582 del
I think they're just spit balling for a cure.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 12:16:27 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146583 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 12:16:42 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146584 del

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 13:26:31 Id: 6ebdf4 [Preview] No.146585 del
Watching ichi the killer. Interesting so far.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 13:56:22 Id: 6ebdf4 [Preview] No.146586 del
(661.36 KB 1280x960 1572266685255.jpg)
This movie is something else...

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 14:39:57 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146587 del

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 15:28:09 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146588 del
(5.12 MB 450x300 toothbrushing.gif)
I went to the dentist today for my regular checkup. No cavities -- yay!

Sweetie#badfox 09/07/2021 (Tue) 15:29:10 Id: 870496 [Preview] No.146589 del

Civil Asset Forfeiture ­ Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 17:05:24 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146590 del
(474.66 KB 599x900 1613231897024.png)
"We live in a world where the police force, which is there to prevent theft and violence, is confiscating property and shooting people right and left."

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 19:56:06 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146591 del
(457.83 KB 850x895 neko-pzth7tqyu9kw.png)
"... dehumanizing and perpetrating stereotypes about a whole group of people who already have it pretty bad is not okay."

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 19:59:48 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146592 del

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:04:15 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146593 del
(1005.15 KB 900x1611 1560033634365.png)
Suppose the government puts a certain drug in the water supply, saying it makes people kinder and more aware of other people’s problems and has no detrimental effects whatsoever. A couple of conspiracy nuts say it makes your fingers fall off one by one, but the government says that’s ridiculous, it’s just about being more sensitive to other people’s problems which of course no one can object to. However, government employees are all observed drinking bottled water exclusively, and if anyone suggests that government employees might also want to take the completely innocuous drug and become kinder, they freak out and call you a terrorist and a shitlord and say they hope you die. If by chance you manage to slip a little bit of tap water into a government employee’s drink, and he finds out about it, he runs around shrieking like a banshee and occasionally yelling “AAAAAAH! MY FINGERS! MY PRECIOUS FINGERS!”

At some point you might start to wonder whether the government was being entirely honest with you.

This is the current state of my relationship with social justice.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:05:59 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146594 del
(172.78 KB 1920x1070 1629832653528.jpg)
Good blog.

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:14:20 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146595 del
(227.50 KB 1486x2048 1559983929982.jpg)
How much do you know about the mating habits of snails?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:15:55 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146596 del
(2.49 MB 1600x2400 84650404_p0.png)
Not very much, care to enlighten me?

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:22:40 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146597 del
The great majority of land snails are hermaphrodites with a full set of reproductive organs of both sexes, able to produce both spermatozoa and ova.

Finding a mate: As land gastropods such as land snails and land slugs have no sense of hearing and very limited vision, they rely heavily on chemoception, primarily olfaction, and tactile perception. Mate location is also greatly mediated by airborne chemicals.

The courtship may last anywhere between two and twelve hours. In a number of different families of land snails and slugs, prior to mating one or more love darts are fired into the body of the partner.

MuffinKitty can tell you more!

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 20:30:41 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146598 del
What are some features snails look for in one another?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 21:02:22 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146599 del
You just copied and pasted that from some page!
Snails aren't too picky and if you have any two ones nearby they will eventually fuck if the weather conditions are correct.
There are some snails however who are into special behaviours. Some Species of fresh river snails have "gender roles" despite being hermaphrodite: Some snails will always choose to receive penetration and will not penetrate, even if forced.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:17:14 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146600 del
Sounds romantic, I've stepped on more snails than I care to count, so that's a rough one.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:20:57 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146601 del
(54.02 KB 249x411 All Saddy Waddy.png)
That doesn't sound good at all.
Snails come out after rain, and that's when they get stepped on the most.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:24:15 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146602 del
(1.87 MB 1854x2603 75423240_p0.jpg)
Not my fault they have like 2 HP, what good is that shell if it doesn't defend them from humans anyhow.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:34:10 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146603 del
Remember you are a colossal giant compared to them.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:42:03 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146604 del
(1.42 MB 1020x1440 61889849_p0.jpg)
Good, I prefer it remains that way too.

Suomi 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:44:11 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146605 del
You sure you don't want to ride a giant snail?

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:49:29 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146606 del
(594.62 KB 640x940 30846647_p0.png)
Not unless it was ur mum m8.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/07/2021 (Tue) 22:59:37 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146607 del
This is how psycopaths act. They like killing animals.
I still want one of those statues.

百合 09/07/2021 (Tue) 23:39:52 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146608 del
(1.14 MB 958x1517 83802789_p0.png)
Every day you learn something

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 01:44:05 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146609 del
Cacti are pretty.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 01:45:26 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146610 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 01:46:22 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146611 del
Cacti are in bloom.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 01:47:19 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146612 del
Take pictures please.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 01:52:41 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146613 del
too dark right now!
Succulents are also a pain in the ass.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 01:59:56 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146615 del
This movie is beautiful.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:12:58 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146616 del
Mango season soon.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:14:14 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146617 del
in fall?

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:18:39 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146618 del
It's spring.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:22:24 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146619 del
Are you ready for 40C weather?

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:24:21 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146620 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:26:44 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146621 del
*gives you a swimsuit*

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 02:42:45 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146622 del
I'm not surprised that you'd have one.

Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 03:11:41 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146623 del
Do you ever count sheep at night?

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:02:16 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146624 del
I feel bad for the morques existence.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:05:28 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146625 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=9u_d1HilfKY [Embed]

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:09:52 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146626 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:11:15 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146627 del
“I will feel in me your inhuman translucence. I will feel your incomprehensible breath, your absolute coldness.”

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:12:38 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146628 del
Need to add more chillies next time.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:13:24 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146629 del
(35.67 KB 362x346 2 - CjcQBE6.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:14:32 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146630 del
“It is not us who are lost in contemplation of the world. It is the world that is lost in contemplation of us.”

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:28:03 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146632 del
Angèle looks pretty.

Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:29:51 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146633 del
Would you ride a giant snail? >>146605

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:31:06 Id: 457334 [Preview] No.146634 del
Snails get eaten by birds

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:32:01 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146635 del
Who's that?

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:32:42 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146636 del
wasn;t there a snail in the Neverending story that you could ride?

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:35:04 Id: 457334 [Preview] No.146637 del
(47.24 KB 480x727 ksiz3xvxnvr21.jpg)
Have good day ozy

Sweet dreams

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:36:01 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146638 del
uuugggghhhhhh, meanie!

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:36:33 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146639 del
(270.08 KB 2150x3035 Irish Guards officers 1.png)
She's in the movie you linked.
Raj gets eaten by cannibals.

Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:37:36 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146640 del
(7.22 MB 480x358 racing_snail.gif)
Apparently there is!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:37:58 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146641 del
Here's a post because my BF wants me to make one.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:39:52 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146642 del
Do you like muslims?
Have you watched it?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:43:11 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146644 del
Is that a new film.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:43:28 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146645 del
(90.35 KB 767x753 KLQi5zP.jpg)
>Do you like muslims?
I love muffins!

>Have you watched it?
Yeah, when I was a kid.

Have you heard of giant African snails?

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:45:43 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146646 del
hai desu yo!
Yep. Snails are actually quite friendly.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:49:50 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146647 del
Goodnight mate.
Muslims? Depends on the individual. Islam? Not a fan of it.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 04:52:14 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146648 del
Can anyone here help me find a full pirated version of the PC game "Spore"? I have been feeling like palying it.
I think you became a weeb.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:23:01 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146649 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=8HPz5kdGhcw [Embed]

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:25:33 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146650 del
You are on a weeb board.
What's pirate's bay yield?

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:26:09 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146651 del

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:26:56 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146652 del
Not really my thing but I haven't given them much of a chance either. What's your favourite type of pasta?

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:29:30 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146653 del
Penne or shell pasta.
Linguini is a meme!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:29:44 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146654 del
(54.02 KB 249x411 All Saddy Waddy.png)
>You are on a weeb board.
I don't wnat my bf to be a weeb.
>What's pirate's bay yield?
How do I use piratebay again?

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:30:04 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146655 del
(448.40 KB 1000x923 feminist-ants.jpg)

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:33:13 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146656 del

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:35:29 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146657 del
Might be too late for that.
Fox has a link.

Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:37:07 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146658 del
Fucile Carcano

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:39:31 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146660 del
(151.36 KB 850x1162 14295943.jpg)
Thank you! Here's your price.
*unzips your pants*

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:43:05 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146661 del
You have a boyfriend.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:43:45 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146662 del
(141.55 KB 900x1200 2576830.jpg)
Indeed I do.

Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:45:55 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146663 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=8HPz5kdGhcw [Embed]

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:47:05 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146664 del
(54.17 KB 474x600 17062801.jpg)

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:50:22 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146665 del
it is our bed times...

6666 Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:50:58 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146666 del
Check 'em!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:51:12 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146667 del
(522.63 KB 780x1200 Do the bop to to top.png)
Not me. My download just finished!

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:52:17 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146668 del
Go get a GET on /b/.

Suomi 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:52:53 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146669 del
Count Gabriels to fall asheep!

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:55:42 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146670 del
15% on mine. might have to wait for better weather.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:56:28 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146671 del
What is Hamlet about?

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:57:11 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146672 del
(1.98 MB 2000x1561 21509091.png)
Oh my internet is faster than yours? What a weird thing.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 05:59:34 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146673 del
At this house, it depends if the stars align, the wind blows in the right direction and your favorite contestant on the Bachelor wins.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 06:00:24 Id: 46457c [Preview] No.146674 del
the other house, not so much.

Muffin#Kitty+ 09/08/2021 (Wed) 06:05:14 Id: a65307 [Preview] No.146675 del
What do you mean "this house" and "other house".

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 06:08:41 Id: eb5db6 [Preview] No.146676 del
(187.08 KB 1920x1080 1606510875484.jpg)
My parents have two houses. One out in the country/future use and the other in the city for proximity to work.

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 06:08:49 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146677 del
(195.37 KB 1635x2358 Belgian Grenadier, 1914.png)
Goodnight mate.

Sweetie#badfox 09/08/2021 (Wed) 06:10:37 Id: eb5db6 [Preview] No.146678 del

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 06:18:02 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146680 del

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 13:20:34 Id: 512121 [Preview] No.146681 del
(85.92 KB 1024x768 1588289350762m.jpg)
(60.13 KB 750x739 1588287573167.jpg)
(85.19 KB 1024x683 1588291905643m.jpg)
(37.25 KB 824x837 1588134696064.png)

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 14:30:30 Id: 431ae9 [Preview] No.146683 del
(2.60 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (37).png)

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 17:54:54 Id: 457334 [Preview] No.146684 del

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 18:17:28 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146685 del
(2.69 MB 2480x3508 86568785_p0.png)

百合 09/08/2021 (Wed) 18:33:26 Id: a89960 [Preview] No.146686 del

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