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You misunderstood. The one sipping from the glass was me.

>Still, I damaged nothing. There was no mood to kill.
It's fine. I was not whining about this thread or anything recent, but about the past. Basically I had read the minutes of the cabal meeting and I agreed more with the intl fundamentalist than with your caMp of moderates (but not actually for his laissez faire absolutism but for a few of his criticisms). Anyway
>Now you're here but it was just me and the other dude and it actually felt kinda nice to feel connected with someone from /am/ for the first time in years, even if just for a short while.
Yep always here for my dudes, a shitpost a Month
Let's meet again in another month, I guess! 約束 des
>I used to feel that sensation of you being like me all the time and I think that's what propelled my creativity.
I guess we must be similar in some regards. Evidently though we differed in some others...

I quoted the right one!