CaptainBlackbeard Radio: CaptainBlackbeard Is Cooming Anonymous 03/16/2021 (Tue) 13:37:52 No.8 del
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CaptainBlackbeard Radio: CaptainBlackbeard Is Cooming

In This Transmission

- Broadcasting LIVE from the bowels of CaptainBlackbeard's favorite house of ill repute, First Mate Harry Stash is yer host on an hour long psychedelic adventure through the DNMs

- Darknet Vendor and Hallucination Market Administrator Yuri Jackhoff's Political Scandal Store

- President Donald Trump sings Taylor Swift at a Gay Bar

- CaptainBlackbeard Global News with yer host Samantha Propaganda's coverage of the Amphetimine Addicted Monkey Invasion of Washington, DC

- Join CaptainBlackbeard live for a raid on a 17th century French Galleon

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