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Yus! I've seen spicy hot wings, or spicy beef be common toppings here. Or even just hot sauce on the cheese. Personally I really like spicy foods, so those are pretty great too. Do you like spicy?
Handgun and rifle. I have no idea what Taiwan's policy on firearms is, but I assume it's very restrictive. Though, isn't military service compulsory? And, weren't they trying to give a lot of people firearms training? Least, that's what we're told here, that something along those lines is happening for geopolitical reasons.
>is it timed, or some type of target sheet?
It's various drills, sometimes shooting at steel man shaped targets, sometimes shooting at paper.
The match I go to seems to have an obsession with hostage targets. Two man shaped steel or cardboard targets, one with the head over the shoulder of the other. I'm a bad shot, so I've shot the hostage rather than the correct target a couple times...
Others are speed drills shooting targets at varying distances. One at 10 meters, one at 25, one at 50. Or a plate rack, with seven plates that you have to shoot to knock down, quickly as you can.