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Japan seems to also be adverse to spicy things, or at least excessively spicy. It's funny to see other countries like American fast food so much, like burgers and pizza, when it feels like burgers and pizza are mocked so much. Don't you have a favorite Taiwan/Chinese dish too?
Kinda figures that's what the law would be. I wonder if the 3D printed firearms have started to show up there, too, like they are in Myanmar, and even here.

It's very fun, but it sadly proves how bad I am at it, and that I need way more practice. My brother can out shoot me easily, but he's had slightly more training, and actual police training too.
Prone and bench rifle shooting is still fun too. Why didn't they ever train you to use the full-auto or burst!? Seems like it might be important to know, just in case.
That's weird they issue less ammo to the female officers, why do they do that?