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Beer and spicy foods are definitely a good match. Do you have a favorite beer?
That would make sense, you eat your own culture's food all the time, so branching out is more fun. It's what I do, I try to make different foods from all over.
>first thing he orders is kung pao chicken
Damn, I was kinda hopin' for something I hadn't heard of yet. I've even cooked some of this myself.

20 joules is pretty low, that's almost bb gun territory.

Definitely! I just need to practice way more, run more drills. And he does, we help train each other where we can.
>I think it has something to do with the unfiltered human resources that make it hard to manage
Have you ever watched the Patlabor movies? One of them, specifically the second one, is actually a social commentary about this. How bureaucracy can ruin the structure and balance of military and police affairs.

hug Have you been well?