Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 04:37:20 No.434 del
Ivanka Trump Joins Senior Executive Service-Run OPIC Initiative – Patriots for Truth

OPM, OPIC, IRS, U.S. Treasury, DOJ, DOD etc - all U.S. Federal agencies being controlled and run by S.E.S - SERCO.

All the Federal agencies are being run for the profit of the bankers - The bankers, Rothschilds and main banking families.

And who really runs SERCO, the British crown only?


Do not forget that the Jews of Israel are not true descendents of Abrahaam but are from the Khazars. Thus the Khazarian mafia that runs Israel together with the Crown Corporation and the Swiss Octogon bankers all together control and run SERCO. It is not the British crown alone.

The British - Mossad - Israel Zionist alliance is what has caused all wars globally for the bankers that run them. They use the U.S. as their puppets to fight their wars for them, as they are doing now with Syria, all to expand the Greater Israel project of the fake Jews leaders who run Zionist Israel. And Christians have fallen for this Zionist deception, thinking Israel is the chosen nation when in reality Israel is run by the Satanic Khazarian Khabbalah fake Jews who promote this demonic Zionism, pretending to be the legitimate Abrahamic heirs of the land when in fact they are imposters.

What will be the role of Ivanka in this? Good question. But keep in mind that the Jewish state basically has a strangle hold on the Trump administration. We have seen this with the events in Syria - all promoting the Greater Israel project. We know Mossad and Britain have partnered since World War II to create Israel and every war including the attempt to create this war in Syria. So we need to keep this in mind. It is not only MAGA, it is MIGA = Make Israel great again.

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