The Source of Q - The Story & Background. Anonymous 06/26/2018 (Tue) 07:33:05 No.717 del
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① I am a patriot and do not work for any Intel agency.
② I created Q in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

PURPOSE OF Q - To Restore the Republic, to educate others on our missing true history and to help others teach others the basics needed to Restore our broken Republic.

④ I created the term The Quiet Storm, which then Trump quoted and changed it to The Calm Before The Storm. I was posting heavily on the Quiet Storm and The Storm Way before fake Q on the chans began. I first used the term in August of 2017 in a thread I created, among hundreds of threads I had created to help Restore The Republic. I created the term AS A PREDICTION of what was to come and none had yet seen.

⑤ I was communicating with Trump, Kim of North Korea and others on the wiped discussion board. I came-up with the idea to unify the two Koreas and Trump ran with it.

⑥ On September 29th of 2017, I made back-ups of several threads I had created during the prior months.

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