Source of Q Anonymous 06/28/2018 (Thu) 05:21:09 No.745 del
Q Puzzle solved and clarified:


The guys who are attacking and slandering others should be ashamed of themselves, as they criticize without knowing what took place.

A True Patriot Created "Q".

The person that created the movement that is now known as "Q" is a true patriot. He created the movement to restore the Republic and help teach others what they need to know so we can RESTORE THE ALREADY BROKEN REPUBLIC. He created ideas that helped Trump get elected, to stay in power and suggested to Trump counter-actions he could take to remain in power, should they attempt to impeach him. He created the terms and vocabulary of the Q movement and very large number of ideas that today Trump took-on.

Background of Attacks upon Creator of what became "Q".

The creator of the basics of what is today known as "Q" had his ideas stolen, has been violently attacked since last year on boards and the chans recently, has been banned from forums and boards by Deep State operators - The Shadow Government shills - who have created a movement on top of his ideas, after attacking him veeeerrry aggressively. (Banning his postings, interfering with his Internet, spying on his personal life, attacking members of his family, posting private things about him on the Internet and much more). The Deep State criminals have attacked him constantly, trying to keep his story from becoming known and to prevent him from having his movement move forward by sabotaging it. They don´t want to see the Republic restored nor for people to know the truth about who the true creator of the movement is. They used the terms he created “The Quiet Storm” (which Trump then used as “The Calm before the Storm” two months later), and “The Storm”, all in the same sequence. They used these terms and created a movement on top of it. A short while after creating these terms in a prophetic and predictive of what was to come, Trump liked the terms coined and the ideas and thus used “The Calm Before the Storm” in October of 2017, after source of Q created it two months prior in August of 2017.

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