Anonymous 06/28/2018 (Thu) 05:22:58 No.746 del
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Ideas of creator of "Q" used by Trump:

All of the ideas the creator of “Q” movement came-up with were used by Trump, including:

1. The idea to unify the two Koreas.

2. The idea to seize the wealth of the thieves to help reduce the national debt. (Trump and Mnuchin are now only seizing from non Black-nobility banks, a problem).

3. Stop the sub attack on Hawaai, which the creator of "Q" warned about months before the incident.

4. Remove the criminals from Congress by means of discovering their sexual crimes and abuses.

5. In the election of Trump, he used many ideas that the creator of Q ideas composed for him, to help enable his victory (The measures proposed to Trump at that time are too numerous to list here).

6. Many other ideas, concepts. All stolen from the author of the "Q" ideas by people with bad intentions, out for themselves.

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