Anonymous 06/28/2018 (Thu) 05:24:34 No.747 del

Q - a convoluted twist of characters.

Various groups have assumed the "Q" identity since them. It all started as anonymous posters. Then CICADA 3301 people claim to have been involved. Then owners of boards on 8-chan such as Baruch, Pamphlet and others helped to create the movement, such as Brain Storm, Jason Coleman (phone APP guy) and others currently involved. From the start, they were using ideas and the postings of others - ideas mainly from the Source of Q. One day after the Source of Q re-posted a sequence of articles he had created on various subjects on a board, the group of anonymous posters started to post on 4-chan, using the same ideas and stealing not only from Q creator Source, but also the ideas of others such as Corey Good, David Wilcock, CICADA 3301, the ideas of Thomas S., ideas and predictions from the AIM group, ideas from Edward Snowden and many others.

Q - a hodge-podge of Ideas.

(Many original posts of the anons which became "Q" are words and texts directly from Snowden. The ideas of mass arrests were from David Wilcock from since 2003 and Jordan Sather, who have worked together, and from others even before then. )

The predictions of "Q" are thus a synthesis of ideas which they stole from many others and obtained off the Internet and government sites, of photos they forged (photo of the plane of another plane on the same route. Photo of the pen forged by Jordan Sather. Photo of Trump supposedly pointing at T-shirt anon also forged in Photoshop by Jordan Sather. A look at another angle in the video reveals Trump was pointing at the lady in red and not at T-shirt anon.) This Jordan Sather, a partner of discredited David Wilcock now runs a Youtube channel called "Destroying the illusion" to push is faked edited photos and to push the "Q" agenda. Jordan helps Wilcock at his conferences. He pushes the space force agenda of the deep state - Corey Good type of b.s. - which has also been discredited. All of these narratives are disinfo by the Deep State. Jordan creates the fake Photo-shop images and "Q" then posts them. Others create videos and posts and "Q" conveniently replies to them. It is all a set-up.