Anonymous 06/28/2018 (Thu) 05:26:04 No.748 del

Motivation for the hi-jacking of Q

The Agenda of "Q" and The Plan.

The motivation of the core group of board owners and mods was eventually corrupted by the desire for monetary gain and fame. Today these same individuals earn much in a massive marketing scheme that uses mass Tweets (paid for by Soros- Obama groups), servers to generate traffic in mass, paid operatives, people duped to create videos on "Q" and other such scam techniques. The groups that ended-up taking over "Q"were all along Deep State groups, financed by associates of Obama and Soros, the clowns in America and eventually taken-over by Mossad. They push down the throat of blinded and duped followers. All duped by the "Q" agenda of the Neo-Conservatives and by the policies of past administrations, of the clowns and the Deep State military industrial complex, the shadow government. They push the agenda of war with Iran, to topple the Assad regime, to keep Americans enslaved to debt and to the Federal Reserve private banking cartel and to maintain the current status quo and of past administrations and maintain the banking cartel in power. This so called "Q" is thus a thief, false, a group of people with ill intent that claim to be "Patriots" and tell all to "Trust The Plan". What is the plan? War with Iran, to topple a leader loved by his people in Syria, to support Israel even when it murders innocent Palestinians, to increase the American debt and guarantee to the private Federal Reserve cartel (a gangue of private bankers owned by the Black Nobility, the mafia gang of the Black Pope - Jesuits and the same group who assassinated Lincoln, formed the CIA and murdered JFK) - they push more debt slavery to the families who own the banks - Rothschilds (own 50% of all central banks), Rockerfellers, Warburgs and other families owners of the central banks on behalf of the Black Nobility - a mafia and cartel of central banks across the planet which.

a. Control and run the secret societies.

b. Steal from citizens across the planet.

c. Enslave countries and peoples to un-needed debt.

d. Create all wars and the death of millions.

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