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Israeli agent, Dr. jerome Corsi in this house never coded. Qdrops came in when he was live on air, but Corsi was reluctant to interrupt his important babbling about his books to see the Qmessage. Not once did l hear him interpret a drop. He had no clue. Nor would Pamphlet join qAnons to work together. Clearly they were not QAnons.

1995 he helped launch a mutual fund to invest in formerly communist Poland after the fall of the Soviet Union, which eventually lost $1.2 million, much of it from a group of about 20 Minnesota investors.[19][20] Some of the investors blamed the organizers, including Corsi, for their investment in the former Communist country. Two investors sued Corsi and his partners, claiming that the organizers had given their personal guarantee backing up the investment, and won judgments against them.[19] They did not collect from Corsi, because, as one investor claimed, the money "had been moved into his wife's name ... There was nothing to get out of him".[19] The FBI found no basis for bringing criminal charges.[19] Until his 2004 book, Corsi was a financial services marketing specialist

. Q tweeted the names of his books. Corsi was obviously surprised. Q tweeted names of paytriots ‘volunteering’ for shifts as ‘dj’s’. Search DEADCAT He was shocked live. I knew Q was on to them. They knew as well.

Deadcat read from the bottom, about 10 posts all yakking about the liars on air 24/7

Corsi named in photo with Mel Rockefeller