Mary Jane Thompson Anonymous 11/24/2022 (Thu) 06:43 No.17456 del
it's because the things she did were luke-warm as a woman.
advertised, but no deal.
seen by man in ways like:
a prostitute? and, who trusts in God (a super prostitute, a GODLY prostitute)?
for me to marry? man, that hair got me all fluttershy...i could watch that hair slowly untie, before bed, forever.
mommy? ....mary u3u?

and not just a wife living life quietly.
a prostitute with their DMs overflowing, and their bank account, the same.......because plenty of jiggle them tig ol biddies, dr coomer that, real nesquick. $$ hola hola. slappity sloop, qwip qwop qwoop! sussy wussy goober gunt daytona.

God wishes you were hot or cold, not luke-warm.

good girl

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